Thursday, 1 January 2009

Bia Gae the Vacuum Cleaner

Wat Glarng-Bang-Gaow, NakhonPaThom province
LP Jur-Ah
This Bia Gae made from shell and tied with black cotton thread magic with Katha by LP Jur-ah.
And the making is lesser and lesser, it good time to start to collect a piece for collection.
This amulet put tiny TaKrut and Mercury inside the Bia Gae.
All of materials are known as magic things that could protect from evil, black magic and inauspicious thing.
Thai People believe that Bia Gae can protected against:
Black magic
Bad luck
Evil forces
It suck in all the bad force around us, jus like vacuum cleaner... it clean up.
Way to create Bia Gae:
Bring Bia for blessing in order to calling the spirits into Bia.
Bring Parod or lead sheet into inside and when you shake, it will have sound.
The way to contain Parod into Bia.
When contains Parod, you must pray
Katha “Phuttangbanju-atitanmi-thammangbanju-atitanmi-sankangbanju-atitanmi”
by closing with Chan Rong in order to not let Parod out of the Bia.
But the Chan Rong that bring to build Bia Gae is Chan Rong Phiank Din which is in the outdoor that can fight for many environments.
It believes that this kind of Chan Rong has special characteristics and rare.
Before, closing the mouth of Bia, you should bring Chan Rong to bless with the same Katha of containing Parod.
When put Parod inside and Ut (closed) with Chan Rong and then bring sheet of lead to write with Yant Na Son Hua or Na Tai Num surrounding with 4 of That which are Nama and then close the mouth of Bia again.
After that, each books put materials to contain further and tie according each books but there are some books use the lead wrap around Bia but this way is hard to do, so it changed to block iron which is easier.
When tie and bring Rak or hard Chan Rong which receive from the pathway of Chan Rong.
After finishing, bring Bia Gae to worship again and Bia Gae can walk with itself that are the end of creating Bia Gae.
The way to use Bia Gae:
make a wish with holy water and Phuttaraksa, Khem Dang in many colour, place the altar,
Kun Ha, Khao Tok and flower for curing poison to eat and wash and recall Phra Sri Ratanatrai.
When you are in War, you should hang in the front all enemies at the back,
Jao Fah and King bring on the right,
when you will find a lady, you should bring on the left.
Devil animals in the forest, pond, canel, it will not bite all of cows or buffaloes, elephants, and horses.
Magical about Bia Gae:
Protect the hard of Karma, correct the picture on mind and Upathan, correct the power of ghost and so on.
Bia Gae is the first kind of materials, is warned from the danger that we can’t find.
It is Metta Mahaniyom, protection, black magic and protect from all kind of ghosts.