Saturday, May 14, 2016

SB is a Legend

A million thanks to all followers, which still view and remember this legend.
And also thanks to your concern, for me now age already reaching 40, for all these years MIA, but continue searching and collecting Nmp or Prai oil, this hobby till now, as my 1st beloved collection, but only collect Nmp subject to which type of makers, which the Nmp is properly conceal.
No backfired due to Nmp, cos once you know the T&C , there won't be any so call backfired.
Everything have a rule to follow. So this is the best way to keep yourself safe, then to listen or follow others without proper guide.
Above is my 2 cents remarks, tks.
Also , there are many Siam barang online sellers or claim to know me or items are from me, Siam barang is just a name without any local copyright, anyone can call themselves as one, but in term of selling and profit, please don't pull in this little legend in .
Thank you
Heng Heng Everyone
Hope to share more barang with all of you here and what are my these 7 years collected items too.

I never give up my collecting of Nmp all these years although I getting old now

After 7 years , not too long , Wahaha