Sunday, 4 January 2009

LP Udom - Prai Guman Thong Pong Ahtun – Appear in one's dream lottery

Nue Din 7 Pacha mixed with Pong Look Grork

3 spirits mixed with Kradook Phee Dek of Pong Prai Guman and Pong Itije.

LP took more than 1 year to find & gather all the holy material.
LP invited 32 spirits into the image and write Yant scripted with magic Khmer piece by piece.

Way of praying:
Katha for calling Guman:
Namo-tasa-pakawato-arahato-summa-sumphuttasa ( 3 x)
Om-namo-namapatajitjeruni-jittang-praigumanmanimamahalapo-pawantume ( 3 x)

Katha for begging a lottery from Guman,:
Namo-tasa-pakawato-arahato-summa-sumphuttasa ( 3 x)
Pray until you can see the numbers.

Here is Katha for woeing the women:
Pray Katha calling Guman and then pray,
i-takama-mamapraigumanthong-japarinine ( 3 x)

Here is Katha for begging money from Guman:
Namo-tasa-pakawato-arahato-summa-sumphuttasa ( 3 x)
Om-naja-praigumarnthong-uujamamahalap-jamahalapo-manimamama ( 3 x)

Daily offer inscense sticks with drink & desserts.