Friday, November 7, 2008

Archan Perm Tukkut Phep Sang Was

Handwritten Yant Scripted with holy spell.

This holy Takrut can bring great charming with opposite sex.
In addition, this amulet can bring lucky for owner.

According to AJ Perm:
If you want for attaction wear this tukkut on left hand and tukkut should not be having any casing.
Touch the party as skin contact, it will create the natural power in Metta Mahasaney (glamour,attraction)
call in customers / business luck / sell better,
Tukkut dip into either new glass utensil or bowl with 7 incense sticks and chant
I Ti Pa Ra Mi Ta Kho Ma Ha I Ti Sap Pha Ma Ya Ta Kho Ma

u may also sprinkle to the things that you wish to sell with good words.