Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Raising Guman Thong

This is base on a true sad story 

I learnt my first Thai was GMT and the tactic of raising Guman Thong as the age of 11-12, It was an age of primary school boy , my mentor taught me the full method of GMT.
I used my pocket money to get my 1st glass bottle wooded carved GMT in oil.
I raise GMT everyday, every morning and evening with katha and after a month or more, i started to feel GMT at home whenever i was around back from school and in dream too.
1.  He will show his present by new change packet milk as chanting the offering food katha, the milk will self flow out of the straw and all around the his alter but milk will flow till his bottle.
2.  He will move the no batteries remote car which i bought for him.
3.  He will play the TV remote when I are watching.
4.  He will call me PaPa in the dream and asked me to carry and hug her ( yes, in dream is a Her ), a cute 2-3 years old girl, and was laughing with joy in every night dream.
Good thing never last
A year later, something had happen, it was early morning in my dream, she called me Papa Papa hug hug and after hugging her, she told me that she was leaving, a man at my main door with bright light shining is taking her away, i saw the man hold her hand and walk toward the light and i was crying.
Immediately, i woke up with tears and i walk toward her alter and saw the bottle spilled and oil had flowed out of the bottle and there wasnt any oil left in the bottle and i burst into tears, no joke and kept recited the katha to invite but useless.
From that time onward, i really scare of such emotional feel again and hate such feeling as heart was having a unknown deep cut, i stop GMT till  age of 22.
But this round, was totally different, GMT was raise by me, this spirit was given by my master, so i dont have to chant or offer anything and this GMT was a dark skin boy age 13-15 (either malay or Thai) as i cant understand what he was trying to tell me 
Year after i start to understand what is this chinese saying ghost talking mean ( totally cant able to understand as all words join together non stop. 555 Hahaha
What after awhile i became dislike as i lost all my freedom, whatever i did, i went and what i said, was seem been watched and reported to my master.
But is true that i weekly will won either 4D or ToTo, i sweared with always got number given but winning amount wasn't huge, always maintain at hundreds per week. 
Finally, i want freedom and no restriction of my personal activities, i broke free from this GMT & master by something which i had been practicing.
After years till today even invite a good GMT home, everyone in the family can hear or dream or playing around BUT i only sense that they are around as they seem don't go near me at all.
So, worshiping GMT to me is no longer like 1st attempt.