Friday, May 29, 2015

Phra Arjarn Chai

Luangpho Chai or well-known as Phra Arjarn Chai.
LP Chai became an abbot after Luangpu Chalerm, a famous guru monk of Wat Boonnakprachasan in Samut Songkhram province whom people do believe in his amulets helping owners get lucky, do business very well and stay safe from any danger.
With strong mantras, people give an idiom to amulets from LP Chalerm, mosquitoes cannot suck blood, knives cannot cut skin. As for LP Chai, he is a disciple and a son of LP Chalerm.
LP Chalerm handed down all his mantra knowledge to LP Chai.
That is to say LP Chai keeps on superb mantras of LP Chalerm, his father. (LP Chalerm passed away in 2015 C.E.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Luangpu Dam

This is Luangpu Dam (age 80, 2016 C.E.), Wat Nang Faek, Phitsanulok province who keeps on Visha Maha Kradon (great protection magic) of LP Ket (Luangpu Ket, Wat Sri Mueang, Sukhothai province) who pioneered Takrut Maha Kradon that could stop the gun bullets! In fact, LP Dam is an adopted son of LP Ket and the only one who received Visha Maha Kradon from LP Ket.
 As for LP Dam, he is a true monk, going mainly in dharma and meditation, without caring about assets and stuff. He likes to do meditation in the graveyard alone and always gives a kind welcome to disciples. Although LP Dam gets older and disciples ask him not to work much, LP Dam does not stop doing a monk routine. 
"Person without mercy is like the dry field, hard for crops to grow", LP Dam implied to disciples.