Friday, May 29, 2009

AJ Tee Pan neng ( Female forehead skin )

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Archan Low - 桃花仙女 ( Love affairs Fairy )

Help to be lucky in love affairs.

桃花运 / 走桃花运。
Feng Qing Tao Hua Xian Ji Zhu Tao Hua Yun.

AJ ThongTang Good Charm Tukkuts - Tukkut Maha Sane Sarika Pond Ylure

This tukkut bring Metta (great kindness)

esp for lover or finding love.

Pls hang tukkut either on your neck or waist area. This Tukkut help admirate and charming to opposite sex.

AJ ThongTang magical stuffs must recall to Por Kru Parm Suddho 1st

Na Metta Mo
Ka ru na
Phut Pra ni
Tha ya En du
Ma Khue
Tua Ku
A Khue
Tua Chao
U Khue Khon
Thang lai
Na Ku Rak Ku Yu Mi Wen wai
Chit tang
Chit ti
It thi Yo
Pu ri so
Mama Mama

Note: If wish to specific one should recall party name then it will success.
这tukkut带来Metta (巨大仁慈) 特别是为恋人或发现爱。

AJ ThongTang - Nammun Maha Yant Poog Saney oil

The power of this Nammun Maha Yant Poog Saney is that enemy / people that angry/dislike you will not hate you anymore.

This oil should be used before go out and should worship on a shelving.

Pls anoint oil on eyebrow as this oil has advantage about charming and will made people attract it user by looking at u will not detest you.

To dip on the party is to make the party like / favour in u.

To use one should recall to Por Kru Parm Suddho everytime for using this oil

Katha 1:
Na Mo Put Tha Ya

Katha 2:
Na Metta Mo Karuna
Phut Prani Thaya Endu
Ma Khue Tua
Ku A Khue Tua
Chao U
Khue Khon Thanglai Hen
Na Ku Rak Ku Yu Mi
Itthi Yo
Mama Mama
这Nammun Maha Yant Poog Saney的力量是那敌人不会再将恨您。

AJ Thongtang - Nammun Kra Sue Oil of Spell

The spell of this oil can bring charming with opposite sex.

Pls keep this oil below than Buddha altar or at the bedframe or u may choose to keep this oil with yourself at all time.

Usage this charming oil:

Before using pls recall Phor Kroo Pram Suttho

You can choose to touch this oil with party that you like /love but mustnt let the party know or spell will break.

This oil must not be given or shared with others.

To recall back or spell or retract your magic spell on this oil.

Pls recall to " POR KRU ".

Ying Rak Chai Long Om Pieng
请在使用之前召回Phor Kroo Suttho 您选择接触与您喜欢/爱的人的这油,但是不能告诉人或咒语将打破。
请召回对" POR KRU "。

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

AJ ThongTang - Nammun Maha Nindam oil

From Archan ThongTang ,

Bringing luck and help it owner to be admired and feel love.

This oil must be kept below than a Buddha altar or at the headframe of bed.
you can safe keep this oil with yourself at all time.
Touch this oil at yourself will be admired.
Touch this oil with another one will misled to fall in love with u.
Without using and kept to yourself will bring maha sa and beloved for other people. Before using

Pls note to use Thongtang stuffs must recall "Phor Kru Phram Suttho"

Poot Ta Met dtaa Tam Ma Met dtaa Sang Ka Met dtaa Ma Haa Ni Yom A Ma Ra Waa Ha

AJ Poo Sariang - Strong Namman Prai Nang Kruan Spirits

AJ Poo Sariang MuangSurin

AJ Poo this round used more dead body oil and ritual very strong magic spell in to the charm oil.

Materials inside: NMP + 7 needles + bones + wahns = Charm oil.

Help in securing good fortune in business affairs and love to the owner and great love from opposite sex.

Pls offering this spirit once u invite in yr house:
Worship with cook rice and boiled eggs with Katha at least 1 meal a day for 1st 3 days

Om - ita - jetaso - tanhahi - mamamahmah

In order to fulfill and beg for what u want, pls chant until you feel goose-flesh, yr hairs are standing up and then beg for what u want.

For charming (Maha Sanay) :
Warning must not apply at lips only apply on eye-brow and chin area with Katha.

For Controlling One's Feeling (Sakot Jai),
Become Soulmate (Som-Pong),
Tied Heart (Mad Jai):

You can apply with your lover with Katha when they are sleeping as this spirits oil has the power to make your lover love you more and think of you anytime/anywhere.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Archan Amnard KMT

LP Somchai - Shin Nue + Mah Sep Nang spirits ( Forehead skin )

AJ WuTai - Wealth Luck Tukkut (Nie Pai Ta Te San Chok)

To attract Wealth luck for gambling, Business, etc.
Put Tee Mak Mak

Archan WuTai - Tukkut Mahasaney

Tukkut Mahasaney - To attract others.

Jit Tin Sa Lai
Te La Zhe See Nak Sia Sia

Monday, May 25, 2009

LP Sai - Khun Paen Um Nang with 9 Tukkuts ( Wat Namwichit )

LP Sai -
Khun Paen Sansanaeha amulet is highly unusual to say the least and features the image of Khun Paen, his wife (Nangblukli), and their son (Guman Tong).
The amulets were made of Mahasanae powder and immersed in sacred oil of Metta.
Back with 9 silver tukkuts.
Made for opposite sex attraction and are highly recommended for people who want that extra confidence in approaching member of the opposite sex.
One of the more important herbs used in the creation of this amulet is the elephant herb, an essential ingredient in any love charm, basically herbs collected from an area where elephants are copulating. It is believed to create and stimulate sexual desire.
Ohm Sitti Srisri Rasri
Na Goo Kue Tongfa
Na Ma Pa Ta
Na Goo Kue Praman
Na Ma Pa Ta
Kan Goo Ngarm Kue Pra Narai
Na Ma Pa Ta
Bai Nar Goo Ngarm Kue Pra Artit
Na Ma Pa Ta
Rit Goo Ngarm Kue Prajun
Na Ma Pa Ta
Sao Nai Merng Sawan Hen Nar Ku Yoo Mi Dai
Na Ma Pa Ta
Goo Rumpung Tung Tonmai Gor Hai Ngong Nguay
Na Ma Pa Ta
Goo Rumpung Tung Phaya Hong Kor Ler Tum Kooha
Na Ma Pa Ta
Goo Rumluk Tung Maha Sena Kor Lerm Tan Tinon
Na Ma Pa Ta
Goo Rumluk Tung Prai Kor Lerm Pra
Na Ma Pa Ta
Goo Rumruk Tung Sao Chai Kor Lerm Mair
Na Ma Pa Ta
Goo Rumluk Tung Tao Tai Kor Ma Lerm Suadmon
Na Ma Pa Ta
Goo Rumluk Tung Foong Chon Kor Maruk Yoo Tuan Nar
Na Ma Pa Ta
Goo Mar Rumluk Tung Took Chun Fa Lair Devada Took Pimarn
Goo Mar Rumluk Tung Took Chun Fa Lair Devada Took Pimarn
Na Ma Pa Ta
Ohm Sitti Swaha

Sunday, May 24, 2009

LP Sir Mong - Khu Pean + Pan Neng with Mae Hong Prai Mahasaney - Woman Forehead Skin

Khu Pean 'w' Pan Neng Mae Hong Prai Mahasaney spirit.

Pan Neng = Woman Forehead Bone


1. The spirit made from forehead skin.

2. Khu pean made from Wahns with 2 silver tukkuts.

LP Sir Mong bless and made one by one.

And then calls Khu Pean & Hong Prai spirits into the images with ancient KaTha.

This spirit is especially powerful to help in career, success , love and everyday life.

The technique in the worship KP Pan Neng,

Pls do in this way:
1. Before you bring “this spirit” into the house,
Wash and clean up yourself,
Light 10 incenses sticks,
place 1 incense stick pitch that outdoor or flowerpot and think of spirits.
Offer to house gods or buddha with 9 incense sticks and thinks of Buddha, Dharma and Buddhist priest.
You must pray to apologies about to use wrong amulet.
At now I know a correct way to use.
I will practice to follow the buddha way and will not do evil.
The power of spirit in this amulet will show.
Please inform guardian spirit that you want to worship this spirit for helping you to get luck.

2. You should worship this spirit with a glass of clear Whisky or food and one incense with Katha daily.

3. If you need help from the spirit.
You should make a thank offering & you should pray for after midnight which can be after 11.30pm.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Full Set of Mae ( Female Corpses Hairs Knitted )

My Non Barang collection - Jatukam

My Non Barang Barang collection - Long Phor

My Little Non Barang Collection - Phra Lersi

My Little Non Barang Collection - Shivali