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LP Da Junthathammo Petch Phayatorn (Thep Sanaha Version)

Special Batch
(look at the flower - Dokmai Ruk Sorn haven't blossom)
This is a very powerful amulet indeed, blessed by Luang Phor Da, disciple of Phra Ajahn Mun Puritando.

Phayatorn (Thep Sanaha Version) amulets are highly respected by devotees for the power to attract females along with success in love.
Amulet features on the front a glazed porcelain Thevada (an angel in Sanskrit) Posed in ethereal grace, being idolatrized by two semi naked consorts. A thevada is an angelic being that lives in the lower heavens of Buddhist cosmology. Actually the name of the amulet, Thep, is synonym for thevada.
The reverse of this unique amulet is made from soil collected from seven temple cemetries around Thailand, many auspicious herbs (Nua Wahn) and embedded with sacred objects, associated with love and protection.
Three takruts, a genuine fresh water pearl, uncut semi precious stones including genuine ruby, a section of holy robes worn by LP Da himself, Dokmai Ruk Sorn ( a flower respected for love attraction) ,and a silver plate with unique code (total 199 made)
Luang Phor Da said that prior to asking for help from this amulet the following ceremony should be performed. He also said that in doing so, the worshipper should respect Lord Buddha third sil (taboo) prohibiting adultery.
Sacred ceremony
The ceremony should be organized on Monday night before or on the full moon only.

The worshippers must prepare nine incense sticks along with the following:
1.Five kinds of fruits (one of them should be young coconut)
2.A bottle of liquor
3.Foods and desserts
4.Nine pink roses (without thorns)

At the beginning of the ceremony the worshipper must respectfully think of the virtues of Lord Buddha, Dharma, and Sangkha (monks), their parents, teachers, and Luang Phor Da Juntadharmmo of Wat Ban Huaytuey, Karasin.
The worshipper must then invite the sacred souls that protect the auspicious materials used in the creation of the Petch Phayatorn) amulets to bless them and help them succeed in their desires.
Om………phraphetthayathornsadejjornyoobonveha - gujariakhaimungma - gujachaihaimungpaisoohong
{Name of the one you love…………………….}
teenon - gujachaihaimungpaisomjorngubduay
{Name of the one you love………………}
teegumlunglubsanitnittra - maomuanimit - kidwagumasomsuuduay - jongreeppai - kamhuay - kamnong - kamklong - kamtha - kamdin - kammahasamutsaisin - kamkirinthornmont - kamphaphayont - laearthun - paithirdphor - chaiyaprasitthime - omjittung - mareso - somare - arkudchahi - itiwattappho - arkudchahi - omtheprumluk - trungjit - trungjai - trungnaiphrathai {Name of the one you love……………..}
haisadungyungrung - yungkam - yahlub - yahnon - bonfuk - bonmon - rumluktruktung - rumpungjongma - nungthakoylom - koychomtaengao - nungaabklungklao - phiromchomchuey - phrapaijaoaey - chongmaphatduangjit
{Name of the one you love…………}
masooduangjitgu - pudaoduangjitgu - paisooduangjit
{Name of the one you love…………..}
naphukjit - mophookjai - phutphukarlai - thahaicrumcruan - yahairunjuanpuanjit - puanpuntunggu - yoorianmidai - ronghaimahagu - ahijittang - piyangmama - om - sitthisawahom

Petchphayathorn is the name of sacred Yant (a kind of sacred spell symbolized in sacred signs or pictures), which was influenced by the ancient belief in two souls.
1 Half-angel-half-ghost - It was believed that these sacred beings were very beautiful indeed and possessed the ability to use spells to entrance member of the opposite sex to sleep together.
Many monks who believe in these entities would often create amulets in the form of a sacred cloth (or “Pa Yant”) by stamping the Petchphayathorn Yant onto it.
The Petchphayathorn Yant was also stamped onto metal plates to create sacred Takruts.
2 Sacred-animal souls - This belief was influenced by ancient Khmer magic & monks who recited sacred incantations about the ability of some mythological animals that were able to fly in the pursuit of attractive women for male worshippers and handsome men for female worshippers.
Most amulets created in this group would be designed in the form of a phallus but different to the normal Palad Khik am,ulets, because usually additional features such as tails or legs were added to signify the animal
Luang Phor Tud, a senior monk of Wat Chy-na, is one of the best known creators of such amulets, and used to create them specifically from a tree where an unknown individual hung themselves. Actually he no longer makes these amulets because he has been strictly forbidden to use such wood for his amulets.
這是Petch Phayaton(愛神)用料相當認真
和一種花叫(Dorn Lar Sorn)

这的确是非常强有力的护身符,保佑由Luang Phor Da, Phra Ajahn Mun Puritando的门徒。 Phayatorn (Thep Sanaha版本)护身符由力量的献身者是非常受尊敬能与在爱的成功一起吸引女性。
在给上釉的瓷Thevada的前面的护身符特点(在Sanskrit的一个天使)在飘渺雍容摆在, idolatrized由二半赤裸一致。
实际上护身符, Thep的名字,是thevada的同义词这独特的护身符相反由土壤被做收集从在泰国附近的七寺庙cemetries,许多吉利草本(Nua Wahn)和埋置与神圣的对象,与爱和保护相关。
三takruts、一颗真正淡水珍珠、未割减的半宝石包括真正红宝石, LP穿着的圣洁长袍的部分Da, Dokmai Ruk Sorn (对爱吸引力尊敬的花)和与独特的代码的一个银盘(共计199做了) Luang Phor Da说那在请求从这护身符的帮忙之前应该执行以下仪式。
他这样做也说那,崇拜者应该尊敬菩萨阁下第三sil (忌讳)禁止通奸。
在仪式初崇拜者必须恭敬地认为Luang Phor Da Wat禁令Huaytuey, Karasin Juntadharmmo阁下菩萨、Dharma和Sangkha (修士),他们的父母、老师和美德。
崇拜者必须然后邀请保护在Petch Phayatorn)护身符创作用于的吉利材料保佑他们和帮助他们在他们的欲望成功的神圣的灵魂。
Katha :
是神圣的Yant (在神圣的标志或图片神圣的咒语象征一的)名字,被在二灵魂的古老信仰影响。
相信这些个体的许多修士经常会创造护身符以一块神圣的布料(或“Pa Yant ")的形式通过盖印在它上的Petchphayathorn Yant。
Petchphayathorn Yant也被盖印在金属板上创造神圣的Takruts。
2神圣动物灵魂-古老高棉魔术&影响这信仰; 背诵关于一些神话动物能力的神圣的咒语能飞行在对男性崇拜者和英俊的人的可爱的妇女的追求中的女性崇拜者的修士。
因为通常另外的特点例如尾巴或腿增加符号化动物,在这个小组创造的多数护身符将被设计以阴茎的形式,但是不同对法线Palad Khik上午, ulets Luang Phor Tud, Wat Chyna的一名资深修士,是其中一个最响誉的创作者的这样护身符和过去常常明确地创造他们从一个未知的个体上吊的树。