Monday, March 15, 2010

" Rare " LP Goy - Nanman Mun Krua MahaSane

Saturday, March 13, 2010


龙婆占-人緣膏 LP Chang See Phueng Saneyha

People believe that See Phueng if apply on their mouths will help ezy negotiate with others and also excellent for business.
If apply on forehead for luck and charming
According to LP Chang:
People who what to go to contact with customer, boss or senior you can use this holy wax to help you have good relationships.
You have to apply on your lip with this holy wax, go and round from right to left.
This See Phueng is mix with rare holy wahns and materials with LP robe and hairs for best result to worshiper.

AJ Meng - Nang TaNee Spirit Locket

Friday, March 12, 2010

LP VaeGai - Guman Thep (Thewada Noi)

LP VaeGai created and strongly blessed this Guman Thong in sacred place and strongly blessed follow ancient Cambodia method.
Power: Guman Thep (Thewada Noi Great of Protection, Metta, Wealth, Business, Luck & Love)
by LP VaeGai has supernatural power about protection that can protect a worshipper from danger, accident and black magic.
Presented: Guman Thep (Thewada Noi) has 2 faces and 4 hands made from many holy metals that melted from music instruments.

Archan Amnard - Chao Ngang Ta Daeng Tua Kru (Female Bone SP)

AJ Amnard created this powerful amulet follow ancient method and strongly blessed for long time by himself.
This powerful amulet made from holy soils and holy powders.
Chao Ngang Ta Daeng Tua Kru by AJ Amnard has several supernatural powers such as make a worshipper to be more charming and sex appeal.
Chao Ngang Ta Daeng Tua Kru believe that can bring success in love and fulfill worshiper wishes. There are many holy objects in Chao Ngang Ta Daeng Tua Kru such as two magical gems in the eyes of Chao Ngang and piece of bone that took from the woman corpse.
There is 1 Tukkut in the base of Chao Ngang Ta Daeng Tua Kru.
AJ Amnard wrote the holy characters by his hand.
Chao Ngang Ta Daeng Tua Kru is then soaked in AJ Amnard charming oil.

Thursday, March 11, 2010



LP Noi - Namman Hong Prai 9 Spirits –ArThan Sanay (Mysterious Charming 9 Spirits oil)

NamManHongPrai collected from Top Materials of Ancient Khmer Magical/Holy Book –
Mysterious Charming 9 Spirits oil as following items:
1. NamManPrai form bone powder of dead pregnant woman.
2. NamManPrai from cutting milk and YoNee of Prai ghost.
3. Kroo NangHong Prai Powder consists of bone ashes of dead widow woman and virgin woman from 7 cemeteries.
4. NamManNangTaNee mix with Aroma NamManJan.
5. NamMan from Takien Pillar.
6. NamManPrai Pong Phum Guman.
7. MaiSiVaLeung Powder and Wahn YoNee Powder.
8. NamManYod GaFak Rak-Yom-KaNoon
9. NamManPrai Wahh MaHaSaNay (charming herbs) such as WahnDokThong, SaNayJan, SaoLong, GlomNangNon, JoongNang, Wahn GaiDaeng, PhrayaTayKrua, ThepPraChumPorn, ThepRamPeung, ThepRamJuan, Wahn SalikaLinThong, and Aroma NamManJan.

Before using this oil, please recall LP Noi.
After that, dip this oil and end of your hairs and chant katha.
LP Noi had strongly blessed this amulet amount 15 times only in Wax Moon Night.
Experience from this amulet:
After LP made this amulet, many men used this amulet.
They found with real experience about charming from this amulet.
Info of LP Noi:
LP Noi 70 year old is one of famous guru monk of KokPakWhan Buddhist place, SriSaKet Province.
Many people always respect and faith him.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LP SingToh - NamMun Dok Rak Son Oil ( 情花油 )

LP SingToh created this charming oil in auspicious time and strongly blessed with special magic that LP SingToh had learned from KB Srivichai who was a top monk in north Thai.

NamMun Dok Rak Son has excellent powers about bring charm, sex appeal and success in negotiation to a worshiper.

Dok Rak Son (Charming flower) which blooms once in a year.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pho Ngang

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pho Ngang

Sunday, March 7, 2010

LPThongLoh - Poo Chao Saming Prai

Saturday, March 6, 2010