Monday, 26 April 2010


Hi all Bros & Sis,

Anyone can get us real info / detail on this person or able to track this guy out,
REWARD will be given.
No Joke.

Thanks you so much.

Pls email to me,

Thursday, 1 April 2010

LP Pin - Charming Mae Spirit

KB Duang Di Yatiko - Meed Dap Kao Nin (9 type of Metal Powerful Exorcist’s knife)

KB Duang Di Yatiko Meed Dap Kao Nin knife was made from many holy metals such as
1. The holy coins from KB Duang Di.
2. The holy metals that KB Duang Di has kept for along time.
3. Magical metal sheets that KB Duang Di took from many top monks in north.
4. The holy metals of sacred canopy from several the temples.
5. The holy metals from a pile of old monk’s cell.
6. Pieces of ancient bronze Buddha image and ancient tin.
7. Rae Lek Nam Phi (holy metallic ore) that northern people believe this ore has superb powerful.
8. Nam Ma Ta (holy mercury) that has great power about protection worshiper from bad things and dangers.
9. Thong Khwan Fah (holy metals) that is a holy property of KB InTa who was a former abbot and teacher of KB Duang Di.

SB House of Phi Prai

AJ Wara - Poo Jow SaMing Prai amulet with tiny human body Ashes

AJ Wara Poo Jow SaMing Prai has especially power in protecting the owner from black magic and evil.
This amulet present Poo Jow SaMing Prai’s head is tiger and holding tiny body bones.
His fierce look on this image makes him a potent figure for protection against any harm.
He helps you overcome all sorts of obstacles in life.