Monday, December 24, 2018

Success Stories of Sailang Non Spiritual Oil since 2016

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Revealing What is Ngungs

After so many years, from young till I old, many many questions from many believers ask, what is Ngung, who are they ?
No clue
No direct answer
The Mysterious of Ngung catch many attention and attraction renting them.

Please No Smell if fires or bullets
Just see if you like or don’t like

Types of Ngungs, in Buddhism it come from different realms.

Basically Ngungs, 
3 basic design from old school times.

A tiny one with Big popped eyes
👀, known as Phor Ngung or Fire eyes (innovative) name, this is actually out of the Six Realms (贪婪) 色,肉体满足等的強烈欲望。貪婪也可以指得寸進尺,永不滿足,貪圖的東西可能是屬於别人的好东西。
As long there are life’s, it exists, it reflects one’s inner desires of sex and greed.
Maybe you can think of ( dealing with devils ) in holy book or Bible stated.
If you recalled, Why was it in old days was designed/made into Tiny size 1” ?
The greed of desire give birth to the love devil creature.

I personally find it interesting, WOW, only this Ngung, will grow teeth, no joke, from 30 yrs till today, I still have such experiences seeing.

Lastly let me cut short to the other 2 types into Deva / Demigod as not as buddhas.
Ngung without attire 
One wearing summer attire of a stepped, pointed headpiece; a breast pendant, a number of armlets, bracelets.

So, basically playing them with Sins doing, if they are Realstuff inside or Real Mantra will end you No Good.

Do Not have or do with evil intentions.
What you did in the end you still need to pay
Just like have a high limit credit card and you kept swiping........555

Nothing to against 
If you do know my history
As mention like or don’t , just read with an open heart.
🙏🏻 thanks

By Uncle SB

SaiLang A Dark Khmer Charm Wicha

Over the 10+ years of collecting Namman Prai & Prai Oil, for the past 3 years, I discovered Dark charm magic which in Thai, they label as SaiLang, what is SaiLang actually, why it caught my attention?

A powerful magic of lustful, irresistible infatuation and able to turn hate into love.

And best of all, the making of such dark magic, restricted Monks from doing, WHY?

It involved with either RA or sexual when making.
It need Sex, erotic love, or even nude ladies to perform or creation such magic.

What make it work ? 
Does it really work ?

The answer, today, I am telling you, is YES, it work.
A good ingredients in SaiLang make the magic work.

Over these 3 years I collected many of SaiLang items which in the beginning I didn’t miss any of SaiLang items but slowly I started to keep only the right one, but sad to say so, SaiLang items especially Oil stuffs really arose sexual organ and your mind which keeping too much isn’t healthy for me, 🤣 555.

Cos I not really a playboy but if I can be younger by 30yrs, I might be one.

Why does SaiLang exist ?
Design to create high Sex Drive, Passion, lost of sexual sensations.

Sound like Kamasutra

Such item, users should use with care and consciousness, to prevent creating Sins.

By Uncle SiamBarang

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


100% Authentic

God of Wealth Pha Yant

AJ Hon Yoon
Arsomkruthao kruthong kruthep kruhon

Origin: Nonthaburi @Thailand 

Thai Year: 2561 (2018) 

Color: yellow 

Size: 31 x 31 cm 

Ceremony: AJ Hon Yoon powerful consecration following correct method of former master. 

‘Ta Hey Tian’ is a Chinese god of wealth whom even Wu Zetian Empress prayed to this god for well-being of all citizens in China. 
Tibetan call ‘Maha Gala’ worships as the god who brings plenty and crops. Japanese people also prayed to this god known as ‘Dikokutep’ in the past poverty that becomes a prosperous country nowadays. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Is it a trend or an insult , whatever, as long as you BELIEFS

Friday, August 10, 2018

Lersi MaCia ( Arjarn MaCia )

About Lersi MaCia Guru Master:
Lersi MaCia from Roi Et who collected ancient Khmer magic for many years and has embedded himself as a hermit in the cemeteries around Thailand, now his amulets are very popular in China, Malaysia and Singapore with superb powers especially charm and windfall.
Today, he becomes a occult master called 'Arjarn MaCia' providing spiritual help for people who are interested.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Ajarn Ton Khemnakarat @ Ubon Ratchathani

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Thai Amulets also influences Modern Models and Celebrities

Thais people carrying amulets to assist Love abd Charm has been popular accepted since old time.
Modern Thais belief of Wicha isn't feel that much scary than before.
As these are part of their daily life as improvement of their personal appearance or confidents.

For Love & Couples
In ku, Ngung, Takruts, Facial Powder or Love Oil is recommend

Dealing with customers:
See Phueng ( Lips wax ), Charm Oil, Palad Khik, Nang Pim, Salika, Takruts....

Models and Celebrities
Phan Boon, Phra Lak Naa Thong, Love Oil, Charmed Facial Powder, Guman Thong, Look Krok etc

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Ajarn MaCia Lersi Macia