Friday, January 23, 2009

Ying Tong - Yant / Archan Wee / Archan Perm

Yin Tong is the ancient style of Adam and Eve,who believe them they are the one who first appeared on Earth and so loving to each other .

Some believe that the 1st yin tong amulet appeared from Chang Mai.

But, summary:

Yin Tong amulets that help to enchance love luck(metta),business, improve relationship and good luck .
In-Khoo is an amulet which was developed from Hoon Rak(love) amulet.
The character of this amulet is 1 man and 1 woman hugging each other.
Most In-Khoo carved from Mai Rak (Love tree) and Mai Ma Yom (Star gooseberry tree).
Power of this amulet comes from amulet’s character which shows embracing.
It means forever love of man and woman.
In-Khoo is very powerful in charming with opposite sex.
This amulet can help person who is looking for real love.

Yin Tong Put Ta Sa

Lu Tong Na Mi Ya

Na Ma Pa Na Ya

Na Ma Pa Ta Put Ta Ya


Ma Lu Yong

See Ti Ka La Ya

x7, 21, 49, 108

Na Mo Put Ta Ya

Na OnJai Rak

Put Soum Kod Yod Rak Sa Ne Ha

Tha Ched Nam Ta

Ma Su Ya Hen Na Ku U Mi DaiRong Hai Ma Ha Ku Sa Wa Ha

Ar Ka Cha Ya

Ar Ka Cha Hit

Jit Ti Ji Tang

Pan Thang pi Yang Ma Ha
Pra Mair Uma Devi Utcha Hi Utcha Hi
A Hi Ma Ma Mapen Na Metta
Poodai Dai Hen Jong Ruk
(name of worshipper)