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Japan Hannya (般若)

My all time favour

Hannya representing a jealousy female demon.
It possesses two sharp demon horns,
glaring eyes and a leering mouth.

The Hannya represents a beautiful japanese woman who had been betray by love and was filled with rage, jealousy and hatred all in her life and slowly grew within her.
Finally all these had transform her into a demon called Hannya.

Japan Hannya mask show the hidden side of ones.

Types of Phi

Phi Peta -
A hungry ghost.
Everyone who is preoccupied with material attachments to the exclusion of the spiritual will be reborn as a peta, having a giant belly and a mouth as small as the eye of a needle.
Peta may sometimes be heard whistling at night, looking for people to make merit for them.
This ghost is relatively harmless.

Phi Am -
A ghost which sits on the chest or liver of sleepers, causing discomfort.
Can be harmful.

Phi Chamop -
A ghost which haunts the place where a woman has died in the jungle.
This spirit does not do any harm.

Phi Ha -
The spirit of a woman who died in childbirth.
This ghost is considered to be very violent.

Phi Krahang -
This ghost appears as a man with feathers and a tail like a bird.
It eats filth and glows at night.
An unpleasant and frightening spirit.

Phi Krasi -
This ghost lives inside a witch and leaves her body during sleep by way of the mouth.
The krasi is the colour of fire, has a head the size of an electric light bulb and a half-metre long bluish tail.
A krasi ghost likes dirt and does not generally harm human beings, although when it consumes entrails ( hardly surprisingly ) it can cause death.
Krasi witches have a sleepy appearance during the day.
Their eyes don't blink and they can never look anybody in the face.
Also, they don't cast any reflection in the mirror.
Before krasi witches can die, they have to find somebody who will inherit the krasi by consuming some of the old witch's spittle.

Phi Lok -
A ghost which haunts various localities.
It frightens and misleads people, and can be seen as well as felt.

Phi Prai -
The spirit of a woman who has died in childbirth and whose body has been used to make phi thai hong lotion.
A sorcerer must hold a candle under the corpse's chin, and from the resultant melted oil essences are manufactured which drive men mad and attract women.

Phi Tai Ha -
The spirit of a woman who has died of malaria.
The ghost will also spread this disease.

Phi Thuk Khun -
The substance of a living person which has to be sent out on astral journeys every week, or harm will come to its owner.

Phi Khamot -
A spirit in the shape of a red star which, like a Will o' the Wisp, misleads wanderers.

Phi Nang Tani -
A female tree spirit which is essentially beneficent and may fill the alms bowls of itinerant monks.

Phi Pa -
A forest spirit.
Hunters may leave a piece of the foot, lip, tongue or eyelid of a killed animal to show respect to this spirit.

Phi Phuang Khang -
A spirit in the shape of a black monkey which likes to suck the big toe of people sleeping in the jungle.
It is said to live near salt licks.

Phi Ka -
These spirits are inherited through women and can be contagious.
The ka, if not properly treated (with raw eggs) will attack and possibly possess people without the owner's knowledge.
Perhaps understandably, ordinary people are said to be reluctant to marry into ka clans!

Phi Hai -
Hungry, amoral spirits associated with places where people have died an unnatural or violent death.
Phi Hai are easily offended, and take every opportunity to possess people.
Normally, they can be induced to leave their victim if suitable offerings are made, but on occasions an exorcist has to drive them out.
In such cases, when incantations and Lustral water prove insufficient, a whip may need to be employed.

Phi Pop -
A malicious and very dangerous spirit which manifests itself as a beautiful woman.
Phi Pop float through the air because they have no legs or lower body.
They generally appear as a length of internal organs and intestines suspended from a strikingly lovely face therefore, beware beautiful women gliding mysteriously by in long dresses!
This type of ghost is probably more feared than any other species in Thailand.

It's Thai belief that a mother who died with her baby in the womb may become a very mighty ferocious ghost,
Thai people call such the ghost PHI TAI TONG KLOM.
From Thai traditon, any pregnant lady who died will not be cremated immediately in all cases, believing that it will make the spirit of the dead unhappy and may activate her to become the vicious ghost.
Creating Guman Thong in the ancient time was very thrilling.
The master had to go to the graveyard alone in the night, dig up the corpse, cut the corpse's abdomen bringing the dead baby out, and then rush directly to the nearest Bosth's outer area for baking processes.
That's the safe place to protect the ghost mother from trying to save & bring her baby back.
So only the strong-mind person who possesses the advanced magical knowledges to fight the ghost could do this.
On the ancient Thais belief, Phi Tai Tong Klom is also a good source for producing the opposite-sex attractive oil called
(Nam Man = oil, Prai= female ghost).
The gura who wishes to produce such oil needs to activate the corpse rising from the grave 1st, and then use the candle flame slowly heating under the corpse's chin to obtain the oil,
the derivative dropping-down liquid is the best quality opposite-sex attractive oil produce.
Also believe that the corpse tears will drop when obtaining her chins oil.

The belief in ghosts and spirits remains widespread throughout Thailand & Asia.
Muslim ghosts have appeared which can be driven off by flourishing a piece of pork ( preferably a pig's head ) at them.

Phi Peta -

Phi Am -

Phi Chamop -

Phi Ha -

Phi Krahang -

Phi Krasi -
krasi鬼魂喜欢土,并且通常不危害人,虽然,当它消耗内脏时(几乎不惊奇地)它可能导致死亡。 Krasi巫婆日间有一次困出现。他们的眼睛不眨眼睛和他们不可能看任何人在面孔。

Phi Lok -

Phi Prai -

Phi Tai Ha -

Phi Thuk Khun -

Phi Khamot -
以一个红色星的形式一种精神,象意志o' 小捆,误引流浪汉。

Phi Nang Tani -

Phi Pa -

Phi Phuang Khang -

Phi Ka -

Phi Hai -

Phi Pop-
Phi Pop浮游物通过空气,因为他们没有腿或下体。

泰国信仰死与她的子宫的婴孩的母亲也许成为一个非常强大凶猛鬼魂,泰国人民称这样鬼魂PHI TAI TONG KLOM。
在古老泰国信仰,PHI TAI TONG KLOM也是生产的叫的相反性有吸引力的油一个好来源 NAM MAN PRAI ( NamMan=油, Prai=女性鬼魂 )。
希望生产这样油的大师需要激活尸体从坟墓上升,然后使用慢慢地加热在女尸体之下的烛光焰; 得到下巴上的油,衍生物滴下的下来液体是最佳的质量相反性有吸引力的油产物。
并且相信当得到她的下巴油时, 尸体泪将滴下。



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Scared Finger Bone for Wealth, luck & Attract Charming from Opposite Sex








By BookQQ
Corpse oil:
Refers to the corpse when is highly rotten the fat becomes the greasy overflow, (the common dead is fat) “the corpse oil” not to be possible to see on the summer several day of raw sewage corpse.
The corpse is soaked excessively general probably by the oil.
In the South Asian most districts, it is said the corpse oil is some masters pregnant woman's chin which died shears down, then with the white candle fever, the oil which dripped down is the corpse oil, it is said the corpse oil could help the female to attract the male, will have the hearsay to have some prostitutes and so on to use, scratched it on two eyebrows can attract the male.

The movie "Double vision" soaks in the medicine watering can's female infant remains, has a mystical treacherous atmosphere.
But in the real world, in the Thai Bangkok suburb's small Buddhist temple, really has such one to soak the baby remains big jar;
Although does not have the terror double pupil, is actually one “the double headed” the joined bodies infant corpse, the native called that it “the double headed god infant”, hands down it to have the divine and wonderful spirit specially, believes the audiences when asks the wealth prays for a son, places in less than two level ground very small rooms, was still unable to restrain to make one be afraid.
Generally speaking, many national nationality's tradition all believed that after the human died, must be buried to peacefully, can let the deceased person's soul rest and the smooth metempsychosis reincarnation;
Thailand has many famous infant corpses, is placed by the parents in own perhaps the Buddhist temple.
Because, sincerely believes Buddhism's Thai to believe that if the baby in the mother in vivo die young, or a birth then died, its remains specially have the divine and wonderful spirit, Thailand are called these infants to work for the god infant.
The sorcerer builds up corpse oil Shi Xiezhu Because Thailand is the country which believes in the Buddhism atmosphere quite to be in vogue, the native regarding lives the view which, dies, also is quite aloof, the parents will die the baby corpse lays aside in the Buddhist temple, waited for after master completes the Buddhist ceremony, buries;
But some have the intelligence infant spirit specially, actually will be preserved is consecrating in own.
Walks in Thailand's traditional county fair, very easy to discover that a pot pot orange yellow, the similar peanut oil's small jar, the peddler said this will be the corpse oil, but indicated according to the local tour guide,
“where will have these many corpses to be possible to refine the corpse oil?”
Actually majority is false, only then corpse oil which refines by the mountainous area sorcerer, is the infant corpse oil which guarantees.
In addition, the native also passes on a message, these infant corpse indeed fills the mystical strength, because will provide for besides some in home's infant corpse all preserves complete will not putrefy;
Somewhat lives in seclusion north peaceful the far away mountainous area sorcerer, if knew that in the village which family has the baby to die, on own initiative will discuss with the baby parents, wants to exchange the infant corpse with the money, will build up takes the corpse oil, good will be auxiliary to display the evil technique.
From the Bangkok town center approximately one hour driving distance, in a far away suburb's small Buddhist temple, has placed one “the double headed god infant”. Sees only outward appearance which this Buddhist temple great hall stands tall and erect, is not allowed the dignified gas which by one questioned to cover, after crossing the broad quadrangle, namely presents this to deposit the double headed god infant's low hut;
Before a crowd illegally seizes the hut the black cat, increases a treacherous atmosphere. According to is stationed in temple buddhist priest to point out that actually, died most the baby, will be placed generally inters to the temple, very few will soak baby's corpse the system, in the existence glass box consecrates to the human.
Only if, has the baby to work the body resentful soul not to disperse, holds the dream to the family member or the eminent monk, this will represent this infant to work intelligential, the temple only will then consider very much to provide for, enables it forever to have does not extinguish the body.
However, approximately several years ago, this to also fission complete joined bodies baby boy, when has not been born on stillborn, at that time their parents and doctor, in knew the endo-abdominal died when originally the baby, was one body two, made them to be surprised truly; In doctor has a surgery this double headed infant takes after the parent substance, his/her parents in one year internal phase following die.
Therefore, some people thought that the double headed infant is the dybbuk incarnation, therefore escorts to its corpse the Buddhist temple, prepares to place. After soon, hears a rumor letter audiences who comes, all brings each kind of toy, the virgin clothes, as well as each kind of between-meal snack offers sacrifices;
In the hut also has, peaceful, the Malay poem bamboo slip, with the aim of letting the letter audiences ask the bamboo slip to divine by the eight diagrams. Has not been willing to fear incurs the unexpected calamity According to the local tour guide indicated that Thailand's cloudy god are many, the double headed god infant is one of them, although fable effective incomparable, but as far as possible do not strive for to hope randomly, because asked certainly to go also to hope, will otherwise draw on the unexpected calamity.
Because some people once the hope gave birth to a boy, but asks to do obeisance the double headed god infant, afterward has had the son.
After this matter spreads, comes to do obeisance the double headed god infant the person to be getting more and more.
In addition, it is said the double headed god infant also has the spirit strength which zhuren gets rich, therefore draws before the lottery ticket, has the specially many letter audiences to worship, therefore the native believed that the double headed god infant is the prosperous Ding Wangcai spirit body, respects to it.
by BookQQ

Web News French Perfume mix with corpse oil

The new bulletin on December 24 reported that reported according to
"the Jinling Evening news",
Xiangxielishe, the Roman delicate fragrance, scratches the body, but has had the fatal attraction ......
The French perfume is how many female dreamlands elects certainly, but actually let the innumerable beautiful women beautiful face change colors yesterday in a network insane biography's news:
Yesterday, some cosmetics forum insolation material, in French perfume's one special ingredient to make public, was person's corpse oil unexpectedly!
Reporter in the insolation material placard saw that the insolation material said that, the French perfume has been very for many years mystical, specially formula highly keeps secret, but the near future, will have the mystical public figure to act according to the perfume the special taste source to withdraw from the animal fat launches the research, said that discovery astonishing conclusion, one kind of very special taste source will be unexpectedly withdraws from person's corpse oil.
French perfume and corpse oil, actually truth why?
Yesterday, Reporter interview nation Xin spice standardization technical committee secretariat locus, Nanjing Wild plant Comprehensive utilization Research institute's Shi Jing loose associate research fellow, reveals behind the French perfume so-called “the corpse oil” truth.
The corpse oil starts the great unrest Company white-collar Xue Ming is the perfume supporter, is precisely the French perfume supports the wholesale absolutely.
The French perfume is symbolizing supreme noble and the personal status in her heart, therefore she cannot accept “the corpse oil” in any event a saying.
But to make public quotation similar theory proved that this is by no means an incredible joke: “in ancient Egypt and, the essence is only the offering which prepares for the God, but is very quick, produces these spice balm, uses in the corpse in the antiseptic treatment. Is the Egyptian person not only applies the spice in esthetics, but also applies in the medicine, and has invented the complex essence extraction method, from some flowers, but also has some to have in the fragrance leaf to refine the essence, for example the lily, the lotus, are the odor type which they most like.”
But this as if can explain, why these forever are sending out uniquely, did not know that from where comes the fragrance the French perfume, why can always let the human have the toxicant general enticement.
Therefore, the net friends discuss the French perfume in abundance the mystical fragrant source.
“if this is really, these hear happily, the formula extremely mystical perfumes, they are reliable”?

网友曝法国香水含尸油 (提炼女尸体香保存)



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Orginal See Pheung Prai Thong by LP Sawat only

Something about of what u need to know 1st before......

The 1 & only "See Pheung Prai Thong" Wax was orginally created by "LP Sawat",

See Pheung Prai Thong is the top of wealth amulet.
Prai Thong which contains in See Pheung made from only child bone ashes who dead on Saturday and burned on Tuesday (known to be strongest).
LP Sawat had recited child soul until its became powerful Gumanthong.
LP Sawat "See Pheung" made from only chastity "See-Pheung".
What made so Special was buying over "See-Pheung" from only "virgin girl".

After, LP Sawat takes See-Pheung mix with
Nam Man Prai Nang Jan,
Pong Prai Guman and
mysterious wahn.
There are total of 9 kinds of holy materials which are very powerful in great kindness.
Wahn is digging only at midnight.
The making of this holy ceremony must have only Phor Poo Lersi.
Nobody is allow in this ceremony as was restricted.
Poo Lersi needs to use mental power and extremely concentration in this ceremony.
Firewood for making ceremony must only come from Rak tree, Mayom tree, Marum tree and Kanoon tree which believe in power.
LP Sawat had recited chanting this firewood before burning.
LP Sawat had chant 108 kinds of katha while making this ceremony.
LP Sawat had added 7-Saturday 7-Tuesday of special chanting for this ceremony.

This See Pheung is special prominent in luck and trading.
Prai Ka Sip can tell whether you are either lucky and danger for its owner and this See Pheung can bring great kindness to owner too.
儿童骨灰死在星期六, 烧在星期二。
龙婆实核 "Pheung" 由仅贞洁"做。什么做了,因此专辑购买" 处女"。
以后, 龙婆实核采取看见Pheung混合与 Nam Man Prai Nang Jan, 骨灰和 神奇wahn。
仪式:制造这圣洁仪式必须有仅Phor Poo Lersi。
Poo Lersi 在这仪式需要使用智力和极端集中。
可能分辨您是否是幸运的二者之一,并且它的所有者和此的危险看见Pheung可能给所有者也是带来巨大的帮助 。

LP SoonThorn - Khun Paen Mon Prai Riak Nang

Khun Paen Mon Prai Riak Nang

There are many holy masses for making this amulet such as
"Phong Panneng",
"Phong Praisaney",
mix with 9 different "holy oils",
"holy powders" from Cambodia,
"holy soils from 7 cemeteries,
soaked amulets in "Namman Prai Lai Jai oil" &
a piece of "corpse bone" on the back of the amulet.

LP SoonThorn created this amulet following by ancient Cambodia’s method which he had studied & learnt from gura monks thru these 20 yrs and blessed these amulets with many special magic from Cambodia.
To worship this amulet:
1. Light incense 1 & 9 incense sticks for telling your guardian spirits to take this amulet into your home.
2. Place both hands close together at the chest or the forehead to show respect then recall to "Thep Khun Pean".
3. Chant katha and beg the amulet to fulfill wishes.
4. Sprinkled rice wine on the amulet every Thurdays before sleeping.
5. Should follow 5 precept of Buddhism teaching with this amulet.
6. Should always remember to make merit for the spirit in the amulet when wishes are gain.
Phu Phu Kha Cha Pluk Khun Paen Prai Saney Phit Sa Wat Khruan Ha Prai Long Maha Long Na Mo Phut Tha Ya Na Chali Ti Na Ma Pha Tha Cha Pha Ka Sa
有做的这护身符许多圣洁大量例如: "Phong Panneng", "Phong Praisaney" 与9不同"的混合; 圣洁oils" " 圣洁powders" 从柬埔寨, " 从7座公墓的圣洁土壤,在"的被浸泡的护身符; Namman Prai Lai Jai oil", "片断尸骨" 在护身符背面。
龙婆苏通创造了跟随用他学习古老柬埔寨的方法的这护身符; 学会从gura修士通过这20 yrs和保佑与许多的这些护身符从柬埔寨的特别法术。
1. 香火。
2. 手在胸口或对展示尊敬的前额然后召回对" Thep Khun Pean"。
3. 歌颂katha并且乞求护身符履行愿望。
4. 在护身符的被洒的米酒在睡觉之前的每星期四。
5. 应该跟随佛教教学规范与这护身符。
6. 当愿望是获取时,应该总是记住做慈善在护身符。

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Warmest Regards
Siam Barang

Phra Kruba Kritsana Intawanno - Nam Man Thep Run Juan oil

This Nam Man Thep Run Juan Oil inside has one Takrut nad has been tied with magic spell by KB Kritsana.

This fragrant oil can help the owner to be admired, love and more attractive.

But in Asia, people believe this oil help them to strike Lottery, that why only earlier batch was highly demand in market.

The technique when you use this magic oil ,

please do this way :Make your mind calm.

Think of all your goodness that you have done.

Then chant “Namo" katha 3 times and follow with oil magic’s katha.

When you prayed already, use a ring finger touches oil and stroked the face, mouth and hair. While you are stroking make your mind calm down and focus, think of what you want to have.

LP Chin - Tukkut Thipphaya Mon Phothi Sat To ( Super Wealth )

This pic is a art, the design of the casing of Shivali and yant, beautiful design.
Worth keeping.
This Takkut has supernatural power about bringing great wealth, luck and success to worshiper. And protection the worshiper from bad things and dangers.

LP Somchai - Panneng ( Forehead bone, skin with hairs )

LP Somchai Panneng has the supernatural powers about bringing the great charm, the great luck and great commerce to the worshiper.

LP Somchai had made this panneng specially for self wearing which he had used all ancient methods that he had learnt & study and blessed his amulet until to be very sacred and many superb powers.


LP Nong - Tukkut Sip Song Nak Sat ( Greatest 12 Zodiac Signs Protection )

LP Hong created, hand written and blessed this powerful waist Tukkut with special magic for a period of time by himself.

This powerful tukkut has the supernatural power about great protection the bad things, dangers and black magics.

AJ Poo - Mae Pim Pa Sakot Jai "To Suppress Heart" ( Face of Mae Spirit )

This charming spirit from AJ Poo was made from “Pong prai” (spirit) powder.
This special powder is as known as magical items that has super power protecting from bad and evil things.
A unique feature of his powder amulets is known to be strong.
AJ Poo has been blessed this charming spirit for more than a month before release to rent.

LP Noi - Namman Phrai Wan Parot Oil

Powerful Namman Phrai Wan Parot oil help success in everything that your wish.
There are many magical materials in these 2008 batch.
Which just taken from his temple,
LP Noi had took a long times which more than 3 years to collect all the magical masses required for the making.

The main materials (which is special) of Namman Wan Parot which have only in virgin forest (Deep Forest).
Phong Phut Nang Prai,
Bone of Phee Prai Tai Tong Glom,
oil from coconut
(which used to wash one's face of the spirit who died of a violent death),
violent death bodies
dead bodies,
and soil from 7 cemeteries.
LP Noi chant these charming oil follows the ancient Cambodia magic book.
LP Noi invited all spirits of many kinds of Nang Prais to this ceremony.

To activate:
Pray Katha 3 x and then dip oil on the body of your lovers, customers and boss.

This oil is help to you to control all the success which oil contact with another person.
LP Noi also used these oils to mix & made others charming amulets.

强有力的Namman Phrai Wan Parot 油帮助成功您的愿望。
LP Noi有采取了超过收集所有不可思议的大量制造,要求的很长时间。
Namman仅有在原始森林的Wan Parot Phong Phut Nang Prai,
Phee Prai Tai,
椰子的油 (曾经洗涤死于非命尸体)
这些LP Noi的迷人油跟随古老柬埔寨魔书。
LP Noi邀请了许多的所有"Nang Prais"鬼魂/灵魂到这仪式。
祈祷Katha 3 x然后浸在您的恋人、顾客和上司的身体。
LP Noi也使用这些油混合做其他迷人的护身符。

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Notice: 20th Aug to 16th Sep 09 ( Chinese 7 Month )


Siam Barang will not be selling any "SPIRITS" items during
Chinese Lunar 7 month,
( known as Chinese Ghosts Month )
which fall on 20th Aug to 16th Sep 09.
All confirm order during these period will only be collected or shipped on 17th Sep 09.
Sincerely apologise.

Siam Barang

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Charms little nmp collection

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

LP Sawat - Wax 2 Nang Prai

Good for people who want 2 be love.

This Wax can help you to succeed in the love.

Way to use:
Before use, you should Sen (offering) at night with one incense stick.
The offering are: 1 lighted cigarettes, fresh pork and open up the lid of wax and
pray katha:

Sa ah ni so
sa ah ni sang
thu sa ni so
thu sa ni sang
khor chuen ma ha phoot
ma ha prai
ma rub kreung sen haiim num sum ran
mueim laew khor hai chuay hai sing thee ka pa jao tong garn

To carry on the body or make a wish as you want.

By Phra AJ Sawas Pumisaroo. Wat pasanudom , Ubolratchathani

Wat Nang Gui - Mae TaKien Thong Spirit - Good for luck and lottery

Mae TaKien Thong Spirit
Mai TaKien a magical tree in this temple which history over 400 years.
Good for Luck, windfall luck and Wealth.
Many Thais come to this temple to worship Mai TaKien for luck and Lottery.
Bio of Mae Ta-Kien
She is a woman ghost who is a beautiful woman. She has long hair, wear Thai cloth. She lives in Ta-Kien tree.
Ta-Kien tree is an ancient tree. The age is over 500 hundred years. It looks terrify. Thais believe that there is Ta-Kien’s spirit inside this tree. She is a spirit who protects this tree. Before cutting this tree must do ceremony ask for permission. If nobody does this ceremony, person who cut this tree will meet with danger.
Mae-Takien spirit lives in Takien tree for a long time. She collected magical power for many years. Thus, she is so powerful about sex appeal.

I Ti Bucha
Cha Ma Ha Racha
A Ra Hang Samma Sam Phut Tho
Ma Ma Yattra Yam
Di Wan Chai Marasi Sawatdi
La Pho
Na Mo Phut Tha Ya

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New AJ Pee Charree Tukkut with bone ( Dip with nmp)

With Bone & dip with NMP

New AJ Pee - Gumantong Tukkut with bone ( Dip with nmp )

With Bone & dip with NMP

New AJ Pee - Mahasaney Tukkuts with bone ( Dips with Bloody NMP )

Dips with blood & NMP

New AJ Pee - In Koo cloth yant ( Added bloody nmp )

With Blood & NMP Added

Enjoy the smell of NMP

New AJ Pee - In Koo Yant ( Added with Bloody NMP )

Added with Blood & NMP

Enjoy the smell of NMP

New AJ Pee - KP with wife riding horse cloth yant "Attraction" ( Added Bloody NMP )

with blood & NMP added

Enjoy the smell of NMP

AJ Pee New KP with 2 wifes Cloth Yant Tie Love ( added bloody NMP )

Added with NMP & Blood.

Enjoy e NMP smell

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