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Ngung Wicha & Ghost inviting topic

Good day viewers and readers to my little humble and infamous blog:

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Recently heard a so called " Ngung Wicha " and Ghost inviting ritual for barang stuffs 
"Ngung Wicha "in this statement I don't see anything wrong as Ngung spells is considered as wicha 
Y i said that 
Ngung spells /  katha will teach white wicha and black wicha which i totally agree 
there are katha of 
ghost fear 
dispell bad spiritual 
increase luck 
gambling luck 
flying needles
love ritual on union / reunion / separation 
Even Lersi have the knowledge to all this.
Phra Ngung, 'Ai Ngung', 'Por Ngung', 'Mae Ngang' or Phi Ngung or Atan Ngung are all different in names but all are from Ngang Deities which has is known for its mysterious power or magical power to attract lovers and increase riches, gambling and in addition assist in avoiding all dangers etc.
A Cult amulet with a Cult following of Devotees.

But when talking about Ngung is a wicha , hmmm...
Let's listen to some stories from others or pioneers:
Story one:
let go back to history in Ayutthaya the Siamese kingdom, Ngung was made and roughly designed due to mass production ideally for soldiers to carry to wars which have the meaning of victory and brave.
All war ended these are been buried into 3 feet down in the soil as today.

Story two:
Ngung as mean 未开光佛像

Story three
Ngung is mountain god 山神

Story four 
Demi God

Story five
Phor Ngung & Mae Ngung” is known as magical amulet that could bring luck and help the owner to be admired and love. 
People believe that, this magical Ngung will help them be lucky in love, charm, give them strength to be brave .
The word of MAGICAL doesn't mean is wicha
E.g.: magical experiences/ magical effect/ is like magic ....


" Lineage "
Yes, Different masters teach / guide followers differently 
Different makers made them differently 
Masters made them into Phi style or follow the methods of making by their pass down spells books 
Base on these and that, aren't concealed for devotees usages or wishes purposes. ( what market want , make what market request )
There is also a sentence from a Maker Lersi xxxx: 
Made due to requests from worshippers. In fact, Lersi xxx wants to use his "magical competence" to help people who are interested in mysterious powers. 

Ghost Inviting in cemeteries 
Yes I agree or seen in Cambodia or northern Thailand that there are Arjarn doing such ritual for devotees
Love Ritual
Inviting " Good spiritual "
Gathering / Enhancements Yin energy as booster for spiritual items
BUT it not oneself act like a Phi to invite a Phi
Is totally wrong methods, yourself and followers  who guarantee or bear responsibilities 
If nothing is been gathered
Om Mi Tuo Fo
Thanks God I able to see the sun again
If something happened or been followed away

Any things can turn to be nasty especially unseen force.
Do whatever is right 
Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

If we able / ability to help others, yes pls do so by offering a hand 🤚.

Not offensive please.
Just chit chat Gossip only 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Thank you
By a 无名小子 a nobody plus a plain normal person.