Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sex oil 啪啪油

This is the powerful Sexual Oil by Arjarn, used to arouse the sensual feeling of you and your partner by applying on your genital before making love. your partner will be impressed by you and always want to have sexual activities with you only. Also tied up or improve relationship of couple and strong affection suitable for adults who want to be sexually attractive and fulfilled in love desire.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Capturing Full Moon (Jan Pen) Oil

100% Authentic

Capturing Full Moon (Jan Pen) Oil

LP Narong
Wat Mongkolnimit 

Origin: Mahasarakham @Thailand 

Thai Year: 2560 (2017)

Size: bottle 2 x 4 cm

Material: great blessed oil and many charm plants such as Kruea Sow Long, Wahn Sow Long, Wahn Joong Nang, Wahn Saneha, Wahn Salika Lin Thong, Wahn Dork Thong, Wahn Chang Phasom Khong, etc. 

Power: Makes people fascinated and easily capture love and mercy. 

Series of Blessing Events:
1st occasion: 18 Oct. 2017 by LP Seree, Wat Mongkolnimit (monk in line of Metta: loving-kindness, invulnerability and luck) 
2nd occasion: 18 -19 Oct. 2017 by LP Narong, Wat Mongkolnimit
3rd occasion: 20 Oct. 2017 by monks in line of Pu Lersi Phetmuninaka (hermit who has connection with Naga) 
4th occasion: 21 Oct. 2017 by LP Sri, Wat Phon Phiphat (emphatic on protection against black magic and good luck) 
5th-8th occasion: 1-3 Nov. 2017 by LP Narong, Wat Mongkolnimit (full moon nights) 
9th occasion: 4 Nov. 2017 by Phra Arjarn Aod, Wat Gu Noi Jansrisiriphoka (disciple of LP Narong)