Thursday, 29 January 2009

Archan Meng (明) Kaew Nah Mah Spirit

Kaew Nah Mah is carrying money and gold.

The 2 Owl is as know as mysteriousness that has super power to bring luck
and help the owner to be admired and love.
And the horse on holding on top represent smooth-sailing life.
(meng logo infront for special batch only)

Normal Blue color batch:
Behind insert with thai coin obtain from corpses mouth, gems and tukkut.

Special White color batch:
Behind insert with Meng special In-Lok with oil, beads and special meng items
It stresses on Metta Mahaniyom (kindness), luck, easy sell and easy buy with Mont of Gold picture that AJ Meng directed for the one who take it with himself will have a good posture, the skin is as beautiful as the moon as the Kaew Nah Mah erase the figure.

About AJ Meng:
He had studied many Visha from many Gurus when he was only 14 years old.
At that time, he can use Rak-Yom efficiently. Later, he studied with Luang Tia (Phra Suraphong Pongsingha) of Wat Klang Na.
AJ Meng has studied the Vithee Tang That, calling ghost for protection, looking after your house, making a charm, releasing the black objects and so on.
Furthermore, when AJ Meng met LP Mee Kem Thammo, Phra Kru Kasem Kana Piban, at Wat Manvichai, Ayudhya province.
AJ Meng studied the Kru Lersi, Yant Na Nah Thong according to LP Jong books of Wat Nah Tang Nok, Yant Phrom See Nah until the blowing of Yant advance.
In the sign of Yant Krok Petch, according to LP Pan, Wat Bang Nom Kho.
When AJ Meng had a free time, AJ Meng would go to pray for LP Mee that LP Mee was willingly to give AJ Meng to collect Muan San, and Wahn for producing Khun Paen.
When LP Mee died, AJ Meng in a hurry and stop working anything went straight for LP funeral.
Besides, AJ Meng studied Visha Serm-duang, Kah (trade)-duang, and correcting Arthan.Today, AJ Meng has dedicated his power for helping people a lot.

Kaew Nah Mah运载金钱和金子。

2猫头鹰是知道作为有超级大国带给好运的mysteriousness 并且帮助所有者被敬佩并且爱。
(meng仅特别批的商标infront) 正常蓝色颜色批:
它在Metta Mahaniyom (仁慈),运气,容易的出售注重,并且与为人指挥的AJ Meng采取它与他自己将有一个好姿势金图片的Mont的容易的购买,皮肤是一样美好象月亮作为Kaew Nah Mah删掉图。