Thursday, 1 January 2009

Archan Perm Naman Metta/Mahaniyom In-Lok for Admire & Relationship

W/WO NMP Charming oil with magic power tukkut In Koo spirits.
AJ Perm creates according to the Khmer books that he studied before.
In-Koo made form holy Metal. Oil made from Wahn mixed with many materials that has super power brings luck and help the owner to be admired and love.
Way to use was told by Aj Perm that:
To increase human relation:
Beginning dip the right eyebrow from head to tail and then left side of eyebrow.
For lip, paint from left to right.
When dip or paint, you should inhale and pray “Phut” Khun-phor-yu-gub-look-duay” and exhale pray “Khun-Mae-chuay-look-duay”.
Dipping in your beloved for plussing charming in you.
You can use in every day except the Buddhist day of worship.
U may bring for plussing sane meta mahaniyom in every month.
People believe that, this charming oil can help them be lucky in love, charm, give them strength to be brave, good relationship and who are seeking for marriage luck.
Think of all your goodness that you done. Then touch at your forehead with Katha before you go out or to meet important person.

AJ Perm play black magic , all respects from Thais and foreigners from the sacred “Praidam”, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and others.
It has been krobkruu by Ajarn Loi and Ajarn Sanguan-two old men from Surin, Phor Kruu Singha, Ubolratchathani and studied Buddha science from Ajarn Nakorn, Wat saladaeng, Bangkok.
Many respective persons go to tattoo and bring good things for their lives that make their lives better, fates are better and luck will come always and easily.
Praidam of Ajarn is well-known, built and become out of order in every batch because the respector uses and has an immediate result.
It makes of sacred that spiritual power and khatha are strong from the masters which have no mortal.
The miracle object of every kind of Ajarn is well-known in Singapore which has a strong experience.
We dare for your test and you will know the change in love, kind and charm directly.