Thursday, 29 January 2009

Archan Wee In-Lok Mar Sap Nang

Archan Wee In-Lok Mar Sap Nang

Archan wee is a black robe master with yellow powder face who is effective in making effective love charms and amulets of In-Lok, KMT, Snake Lady, Mae Na, etc.

This In-Lok Mar Sap Nang behind is inserted with nam man prai oil with herbs (charming leave).

Insert with handwritten takrut and base with some fragement of bones.

Archan Wee had written yant on the back of the amulet piece by piece and was chanted at midnight for 7 days to make this batch of amulets.
Na Ben Ha
Mo Hen Na Gu Zhai
Put You Mi Dai
Tai Rong Hai
Ya Ma Ha Gu Put To
La Luay
Tham Mo La Luay
Sa Ko La Luay