Monday, 5 January 2009

LP Somchat Parimutto - Khun Paen Kiew Nang

Front show Khun Paen make love a woman and back insert with silver TaKrut and bone.

Khun Paen Kiew Nang is a subject that Lersi Tafai taught to Phra Ajarn Somchat and gave many matters in charming for collecting in many years and brought new matters from AJ’s collection with Nue Pong Wahn Saney Arthan Pong Prai which built from Pong Kra Dook Phee Prai dipping in Namman Prai, Namman Wahn Kai Dang, Namman Saney Ya Fad, Pong Thao from the funeral mixed with Wahn Klue Thao Long, Wahn Joong Nang, Dok Rak Son, Saney Jan, Thep Ran Juan and others.
Bless with Arkom Phaya Salika Lin Thong for achieving in negotiation and Na Jang Ngung.
Khun Paen Song Kra Jok, Hua Jai Klom Nang Klom Jit which is the best of Saney Montra.
LP Somchat Parimutto,writes Yahn script with ancient KaTha one by one. And then calls the Khun Paen spirits into the images.
You can take it with yourself or hanging in the neck.
When using it, you should recall Khun Paen or Nang Prai for kindness of the opposite sex and pray Katha for efficiency.
5 incense with rice and boiled egg and pray.
Hi Tung Nungroikao Kaomaha Gadorak Konggu Imemetrum U A Ma U

Gador Tung Nungroikao Kaomahahirak Konggu Imemetrum U A Ma U.

前面展示Khun Paen做爱与银色TaKrut和骨头的妇女和后面插入物。
Khun Paen Kiew Nang是Lersi Tafai教对Phra Ajarn Somchat并且给在迷住的许多事态收集的在许多岁月的主题和从AJ收藏的被带来的新的事态与Nue Pong Wahn Saney Arthan Pong Prai从Pong修造的哪些Kra Dook Phee Prai浸洗在Namman Prai,Namman Wahn Kai Dang,Namman Saney Ya风尚,从与Wahn长期混合的葬礼的Pong Thao Klue Thao, Wahn Joong Nang, Dok Rak儿子,Saney 1月,Thep跑了胡安和其他。
保佑与达到的Arkom Phaya Salika林皮带在交涉和Na Jang Ngung。
Khun Paen Kra Jok,是Saney Montra最好的华Jai Klom Nang Klom Jit。
LP Somchat Parimutto,逐个写与古老KaTha的Yahn剧本。
然后叫Khun Paen精神入图象。
当曾经它,您应该召回异性的仁慈的Khun Paen或Nang Prai和祈祷效率的时Katha。