Sunday, 7 November 2010

LP Amnard 4th Batch Phaya Ngang Ta Daeng

Size 24cm
Letting go last 2 pcs "FAST"
SG$208nett each.

LP Amnard created this powerful statue from Strong holy powders, holy wahns 108 kinds and mixed holy powder from 9 women corpses that died while pregnant into Phaya Ngang Ta Daeng too.After added holy masses in Phaya Ngang Ta Daeng, finsihing with two holy red gems as the eyes, “Takrut Mia Mak” for charming and Mae Poe amulet for Good luck.

Offering and chanting is needed daily.

Monday, 12 July 2010

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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

SiamBarang Local SG - WAI KHRU, Ritual & Ceremony by Arjarn Andho ( Phra Lersi Tafai)

Monk Alm Bowl - Have different usage & benefits

NMP Collection

Master Waroot - NMP

Monday, 7 June 2010

Frangipani = Leelawadee (flower with graceful movement)

Sunday, 30 May 2010

LP Nen Dam - Namman Maha Phut Kao Nang Prai Pee

2552 LP NenDam - Namman Maha Phut Kao Nang Prai Pee is a great charming oil that can fulfill a worshipper’s wish and bring success in love and sex appeal to worshipper.

LP NenDam created this charming oil in auspicious time and strongly blessed until there is a spirit live in the charming oil with holy materials to create this charming oil such as the
oils from 9 women corpses,
the oil from pregnant woman corpse,
Namman Wahn Dok Thong,
Namman Prai Nang Tanee,
Namman Salika Ling Thong,
Namman Prai Nang Takhian,
Namman Wahn Kai Daeng,
Namman Saney Sao Long,
Namman Hong Prai Chet Nang Jan,
Namman Maha Phut Riak Chit (holy oil),
Phong Tao Kradook Dek
Powder from the bone of child who died in Saturday and cremated in Tuesday

LP Udom - Namman Prai Chang Phasom Khlong

LP Udom 2551 Namman Prai Chang Phasom Khlong

This charming oil was strongly blessed for 3 months and included oil such as
Oil that took from female pregnant corpse,
Namman Wahn Saney 108,
Phong Raja Ya Fad,
Phong Phut Maha Prai Maha Saney,
& Phong Wahn Dok Thong,

Charming oil, holy powder, charming powder & powders from charming herb to make worshipper more sex appeal, charm and success in love.

Archan Thong - Namman Prai Sakot Nang

AJ Thong - Namman Prai Sakot Nang

Namman Prai Sakot Nang was created by followed his Master "AJ Phap" method with many rare finding holy masses such as
Namman Prai 7 Nang
(the oil from 7 women corpses),
Namman Chang Tok Mun
(charming oil),
Phong Prai 7 Ton
(charming powder from 7 women corpses)
and charming herbs.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

LP Nen - Namman Prai Tai Thang Klom

This holy and charming oil created from women corpses who died while having pregnancy.

LP Nen created and strongly blessed this charming oil in auspicious time at sacred place.

LP Nen blessed until there are spirits come out and live in this charming oil because the need of these spirits and with ancient way using well known pregnancy corpses oil to help acheive good fulfill to LP Nen worshipper’s wish.

LP Nen "Namman Prai Tai Thang Klom" is very well known in Thai for bringing success in love to

LP Nen worshippers and make a worshipper to appear to be more sex appeal and charming.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Archan Seua Khem Thewada - Look Krok Kha Nong Rit

AJ Seua Khem Thewada - Strong Look Krok KhaNong Rit (Cambodia method)

Strongly blessed this piece of Holy bone & Hairs that took from a dead pregnancy corpse with many holy masses and “Prai Guman” powder inserted.
Engrave with magic yant spell around the waterproof casing

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Master Archan Waroot - 3rd Batch Niyom Namman Prai Pom

This Namman Prai Pom is made from the bodies of two women that died from accident.

The first female corpse, name Prai Suree and her heart, skull skin & hairs was used to made this oil.
The second female corpse, name Prai Juntar, her chin oils and both breasts fats were added to make this oil.
These Batch was strong blessed by Master Waroot and made in year 2010 and every bots included Hairs, a piece of Skull Skin and a piece of strong Niyom Tukkut soak in the oil.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

AJ NiKom - Pu Chao Saming Prai

AJ NiKom - Pu Chao Saming Prai

This powerful statue was made from holy metal.

There are many holy masses under a base of the statue such as:
Powerful Takkut,
Holy nail that took from a coffin,

AJ Kom strongly blessed by himself twice.

AJ Kom created this statue followed ancient method and firmly blessed in auspicious time.

Archan Neng PraiThong 控灵大师亞赞灵 - New Namman Prai

Oils obtain from dead bodies mixed with many holy materials at ceremony in cemetery.
AJ Neng wrote magic Yant around the bottles with strong spell.
Strong in Niyom

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

LP Pin - SP Batch Namman Saney Ruesi Chant Pen

LP Pin Special Batch Namman Saney Ruesi Chant Pen included many holy materials inside
“Rak Thao Long”
(holy herb)
“Chin Athan”
(a piece of bone that took from corpse)
and mix with
"Namman Prai"
(Spirits oil)

LP Pin strongly blessed and wrote the holy characters around every bottle.

LP Pin - Namman Saney Ruesi Chant Pen

LP Pin - Normal Batch Namman Saney Ruesi Chant Pen

This charming oil included many Wahns as:
Wahn Sao Long,
Wahn DokRak Sorn,
Wahn Salika
Other Holy materials
and then mixed with
Namman Prai.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

LP Nia - Namman Maha Thep Chet Ta Phut with Panneng

LP Nia - Namman Maha Thep Chet Ta Phut

LP Nia strongly blessed this charming oil in cemetery for 7 days and 7 nights follow ancient Cambodia method wrote the holy characters on the bottles.

This charming oil was made from holy wax with “Namman Prai”.

There is a piece of forehead bone (Panneng) from a woman corpse in this charming oil.

Monday, 10 May 2010

LP ThongWan - Namman Saney Rak RaKha

LP ThongWan created and strongly blessed this batch only in wax moon day and invited spirits to live in these charming oil.

This charming spirited oil was made from oils obtain from female corpses who had died in Tuesday and cremates in Saturday, a charming tukkut and mixed with holy materials.

LP ThongWan "Namman Saney Rak RaKha" is great for sex appeal, charming and attractive.
This charming oil also can bring success in love to worshipper.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

LP Tem - Namman Prai KhiaoMaha Saney

LP Tem - Namman Prai KhiaoMaha Saney

There is a piece of charming herb inside every bottle of Namman Prai KhiaoMaha Saney to increase the powerful of this charming oil.

LP Tem strong blessed and wrote holy characters on the bottles.

This charming oil were made from many holy Wahns & Oils:
“Namman Wahn 108 kinds”,
“Namman Chang Phasom Khlong”,
“Namman Prai”
and the others Holy charming materials.

Friday, 7 May 2010

LP Liang - Namman Phuk Hoon

LP Liang - Namman Phuk Hoon

LP Liang created this charming oil follow ancient Cambodia method
Strongly blessed by himself for a long time and

LP Liang wrote holy characters on it.

There are many holy masses in Namman Phuk Hoon such as
a piece of woman corpse skin.
In Koo amulet in red holy threads,
a holy sheet tukkut,
“Wahn Sao Long”,
“Whan Dok Thong”,
“Wahn Phaya The Khrua”
and the others Charming herbs.