Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Conserving Ancient HPY of Ayutthaya


100% Authentic

LP Phisan of Wat Pikulsokan Handmade 4-handed Warrior Hoon Phayon

Wat Maha Lok

Origin: Ayutthaya @Thailand 

Thai Year: 2558 (2015)

Wat Maha lok proudly presents warrior Hoon Phayon who protects you from bad powers and attracts money at the same time.

This Hoon Phayon has grass as main material, magically made into figure by LP Phisan, abbot of Wat Pikulsokan, Ayutthaya who masters science of Hoon Phayon. 
The inside of it contains many holy plants, holy mass (such as brick powder, soil from 9 cities, ivory powder, Phong Patthamang, etc.) and blessed jewels. Its outer is tied with silver wire and put with 1 gold Takrut on the chest. 

The blessing ceremony of Roon Ruay Perm Poon Udom Sarp is held on the auspicious date and time that famous guru monks in Ayutthaya are invited to perform as follows:
President of the ceremony is LP Phisan, Wat Pikulsokan, Ayutthaya. 
LP Ruay, Wat Tako 
LP Perm, Wat Pom Kaew 
LP Poon, Wat Ban Pan 
LP Udom, Wat Phichai Songkhram 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pu Lersi Jaksu Thip

100% Authentic

Pu Lersi Jaksu Thip

Pu Lersi Jaksu Thip is a holy hermit spirit. “Jaksu Thip” means magic eyes.
Pu Lersi Jaksu Thip has magic eyes, so he can see the future and everything.
Power of Pu Lersi Jaksu Thip will grant good luck, prosperity and safety to whoever worships.
Whoever prayed to Pu Lersi Jaksu Thip were fulfilled in their wishes.