Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Katha Por Naan Sala Tan Prai 5 Nang

Por Naan Sala Tan Prai 5 Nang Oil: 
Ohm Phee Tai Hong/ Ohm Phee Tai Prai/ Gu Ja Riak Jit Kon Thang Lai Khao Ma Ha Gu/ Hue Yu Nai Kin Nai Ba Dai/ Rorng Ram Hai Ha Gu/ Pa Tha Mang/ Ma A Ou / Na Ma Mi Hang/ Jit Yang Mat Mat. (x1) 
**Can carry along
**Note: 1. The first day you receive this oil , light 9 joss sticks to ask the guardian spirit for permission to open the way for spirit in oil. 
2. Offer spicy food , alcoholic drink and cigarette. 
Light 5 joss sticks and politely call spirit to eat those offerings. 
3. To pray for something , light 1 joss stick , then spell the Katha and pray your wish.