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Movie on Ta Kien 2

Mae (spirit) Ta-Kian’s history in Ta-Kien Tree
Mae Ta-Kien is a woman ghost who is a beautiful woman.
She has long hair, wear Thai cloth. She lives in Ta-Kien tree.
Ta-Kien tree is an ancient tree.
The age is over 500 hundred years.
It looks are terrify.
Thais believe that there is Ta-Kien’s spirit inside this tree.
She is a spirit who own and protects this tree.

Before anyone cut this tree must do ceremony ask for permission.
If nobody do so, any person who cut this tree will meet with danger.
Mae-Takien spirit lives in Takien tree for a long time.

She collected magical power for many years.
she is well known as powerful in sex appeal

AJ Waroot - (Spirited Tukkut) Tukkut Paa Hau Sop

Wonders Tukkut Spirit.

AJ Waroot has been rolled Tukkut with magic spell and yant with the used dead corpse cloth that use for wrapping up corpse.

For protection using the power of spirits aids.

Pray katha 1st and wore only at lower body above hips area.

AJ Waroot self made with special strong magic spell and written Yant Script over the cloth.
This strong Spirit Tukkut has power to help wearer.

The way when using:
Pray Katha if you want amulet help you and wear Tukkut spirit at the waist.

Archan Poo Sariang Muang Surin - Namman Prai Nang Kruan

AJ Poo charming oil from Corpses "Namman Prai Nang Kruan" have power to help person who have problem about love as mixture of more corpse oil, strong magic spell in to the charm oil & inscribed holy yant around the bottle that help to increase personal charm and sex appeal.

Ways to offer:
1. Worship to house god/buddha/spirits before bringing into the house.

1. Invite the oil into the house for only 1st 3 days pls worship with fresh cooked rice and 2 hard boiled eggs and 1 incease stick.

2. Chant Katha daily at 11.30pm till u feel that your hairs standing and beg for request.

3. To enhance relationship or maintain love feeling or miss u, u may apply on partner/lover with Katha only when they are asleep.

Monday, September 21, 2009

KB/AJ Dan - Spirits oil with black coffin woods & mae tukkut

Spirit oil with added black coffin woods, Mae spirits tukkut, ashes, gold leaves.

For luck and charm.
Picture of Mae spirits drawn seen abit cartoon.
For viewing only.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kruba Ariyachart Ariyajittho, Wat Sangkaew Phothiyan

AJ Waroot (亞赞屈碌) 2nd batch Namman Prai 2 from 2 women spirits with Heart, hairs & 1 tukkut

AJ Waroot 亞赞屈碌

2nd series of NMP.

Email or call / sms to charms for stocks available.

Price : SG $288 nett

Total in stock 20 bots
Available stocks for rent left 1 bots

For those had pre order, will release stocks tomorrow,

A confirmation email of mail RA nos will update for tracking.

Many Thanks for your time of waiting.

1st Batch Namman praipom

2 Female spirits names are
Prai Phan Ni &

Prai Manirat

Waroot 2nd Batch Naman Prai 2

The 2 female spirits names are

Prai Wi Lai Wan &

Prai Nattha Porn

AJ Waroot 2nd Batch Namman Prai 2 Spirits

This Namman is 90% condensed from the bodies of 2 girls Prai Wi Lai Wan & Prai Nattha Porn who had both kill/died in fatal accident.

Obtain oil from heart and hairs from the 1st female corpse.


fats oil from chin and breasts of the 2nd female corpse.

Insert with 1 tukkut inside 39 bottles for strong Niyom.

this charming oil is strong & powerful to secure good fortune in business and bring great charm to the owner from opposite sex.

Offering is a must to this 2 spirits before using.

All these waroot nmp rented in to singapore will ask AJ waroot to reblessing again.

( Personal commend: This 2nd batch might not suit every user )

Q & A:

why not fully chin oil and added with belly fats?
If will to use only chin fats, that mean need to find a fat female corpse,

or unable to obtain so much oil from the corpse, and limited qty of oil was been obtain,

therefore, added in belly fats able to obtain more oil out of the corpse and able to make into more qty.
And added in sesame oil to deodorant the smell of the corpse oil in order to use it freely.

Some maker also added in lemon grass or mint leaves,

But other might not added in anything to deodorant the smell of the corpse oil.

Why hairs included?


Having one's own hair cut in order to liberate oneself from their past,

usually after a trying time in one's life.

Having hair cut as act as a sign of mourning,

which was practiced in a number of culture

Every girls love their hairs and believe a sign of pouring love symbol for their beloved ones.

Hair are common related to thai or asia magic practise, as they are a part of body.

Why isnt any fingernails inside the nmp?

As what i knew was that hairs, fingernails are belong appendage of the skin.

Contrary to popular belief,

nails do not continue to grow after death;

the skin dehydrates and tightens,

making the nails (and hair) appear to grow.

corpse which hairs or fingernails growing, is consider as mysteries.

Why only 1 heart used?

1 heart is better than 2 heart as AJ added,

Human cant have 2 many heart, too playboy, must learn to be fathful

This female corpse have a strong heart, the mind & heart shows her strong wills of living & great compassion of love.

Her panneng (forehead bone) will be made fresh into strong & rare amulets.

If our soul, mind, heart link together and focus, it transmit to a wave energy.

According to AJ,

if a female hanged herself and the best stuffs to be made use was the rope that her used to hang herself, this often made to tukkuts.

If river or pond had drown more than 2 females, the spirits to made into tukkuts or amulets is strong in attraction.

In thais,

a corpse before buried, the both hand close together (praying) are tied up with white string with a lotus, incense sticks between of the hand.

These strings are used to mix to amulets to secure the power or to enhance the power of the amulets made.

Yoni (female pte part) from a female corpse are also made into great charming stuffs which classified into "Ji Yin" stuffs.

People believes that yoni had a hidden mystic power for attraction.

Modern Thai hookers, some had asked AJ to sakyant at the side of their yoni, which believe to attract more sex business.

亞赞屈碌第2批Namman Prai 2 女尸油


Prai Wi Lai WanPrai Nattha Porn 身体凝聚的90%尸油.



与1 tukkut的插入物在强的Niyom的39个瓶里面。




(個人稱讚: 這第二批屍體油可能不適合某些用戶)






























头脑& 心脏显示她生存&强的意志; 爱伟大的同情。

她的panneng (前额骨头)将使成为新鲜成强的罕见的护身符。







鬼魂是强的, 被做成护身符





Yoni (女性阴户部分)从一具女性尸体也被做成分类入"的伟大的迷人的材料; 及阴" 材料。

人们相信(yoni) 阴户有吸引力的一种暗藏的魔力。




Friday, September 18, 2009

All your concern questions and SB answers

Add ImageAJ Waroot NMP 1st Batch.
( Namman Prai Pom )

1. Why i dont feel like others owner had posted their testimonal?

Ans: Different people got differnet valid of reasons,
as in chinese they name as 八字,
in science, they called these as wave frequency.

2. Why i always feel scared when worshipping the spirits and wanted finish up faster?

Ans: Is the matter of mind and heart concentration,
If u can dont think of anything for that moment,
place your mind clear and that stage your heart beat is at normal rate is in normal
stage between 60 to 80, which u had forgotten with fear and focus on worship with katha.
If u can do so, the present of the spirits will not fear you up.
Is our mind that make us scared.
Another example do apply same with worship of Pra Ngang,
when chanting the inviting katha, u will feel some weird feeling, when they entering.
others example, is the candle flame......

3. Why i always dipped on the person and the party wasnt comforable the whole night?
( As seem to be not sleeping well or insomnia )

Ans: The party u dip on is working,
either the person is normal or 及阳 or 及阴.
If the person u dip on, is 及阳, the spirits had no chance at all,
unless the person luck had fall in the month.
( pls dont be playboy, anyhow dipped, bad in karma

4. Why whenever i touch or hold the oil, i got a funny sensation?

Ans: This is know as human body generate static charge and
the oil might in negative charge and
therefore, the + & - touch together became
funny sensation.
( This is example of realistic answer )

5. Why i only feel their present only when chanting?

Ans: It is because, you are recalling the incantation for calling the spirits out.

6. Why their dont appear in my dream or how can i see them?

Ans: Some owner can feel / see the present of unseen things in this world,
either they are inherit from family,
or had open their 3rd eye,
or their sense is strong to feel.
In Thai, some legend passed down from Somjet Toh,
had mention, clear your mind and chant namo x3,
bent down look into between of your both legs, u will see the truth.
( i had try before, but didnt see any yet )
1 way that was mention before,
is to apply the oil on your forehead before sleep,
u will see what u want.

7. How to became rich ?

Ans: This oil is not design to fetch rich / wealth / lottery luck to owner,
That depend on owners luck.

8. How long will their spirits last?
or are they with me forever?

Ans: No, they are not forever,
different maker & different spirits had a time frame,
min to 49 days and up to max of 3 yrs.
They have a chance to reborn after bonus up their merits,
by helping owner to do things.
Spirits unable to live with owner forever, as this not good for both party.

9. The oil seem to be thicken if i leave it at home and
when carry around it seem become liquefy?

Ans: When cool, the oil will became slightly thicker,
but while carry on your body,
due to body heat temperture,
the oil will become slight liquefy.

10. Can i throw away the hairs in the oil?

Ans: No, No, No
That is part & property of the spirit.

11. How do i make merits behalf/for the spirits,
How many must i done?

Ans: Whether you gain your wishes or on your pay day, bonus,
try making a little donation to charity, temple, elderly, etc

12. Can i bring them to place giving birth / delivery room ( 产房) or funeral?

Ans: Try not to,
but only restricted to funeral.

Some all owner will have some picture of the answer i trying to say.


By Charms

New Testimonal on waroot 1st nmp, Again from Client Wie (malaysia)

Unbelievable yet is True
I had copy my mail Html into my blog,
enjoy reading.
it was from client Mr Wie (malaysia),
By reading this our mouth will not be able to close up
SB Blogger myself also havent got this effect/power.
I can name this guy as barang man / spiritalism.
So many testimonals on 1st batch, but lucky to me, i still safe keep a few for myself, i waiting for my personal experience on this, if i on usage.


AJ Waroot 2nd batch NMP
Friday, 18 September 2009 10:37:33
From:View Contact
To:Yi Jun <>

Morning bro,

These Prai Phanni & Manirat were here bro, Wednesday they appeared in my dream again,
they asked for their promised offering ( hard boiled eggs n white cooked rice ).
They even told me where to put the offering. ( flower pot at my garrage ).
They said they dunwana enter and stay in my house, cause of Buddha statues (ESPLLY Tok Raja ) and dun wan to scare my mrs son they said.
They just wanna stay outside, guard my house n will follow me whenever i go out.
They guided me to place the NMP under/below the altar....far behind and need to ask permission from Tok Raja b4 carrying / using NMP.

Scary bro.....

Last nite, made the offering. The feeling of their presence was there, just not that strong. after receiving the NMP the feeling will much stronger i guessed......Perhaps !

Then, they appeared in my dream gain...... this time round they brought me to Achan Waroot,
Achan Waroot advised and guided me on how to use this Prai Pom and remind me bout the
things that beyond these 2 prai power.
Do not abuse his NMP, otherwise these prai will GO BACK TO HIM !

Scary, spooky.....unbelievable BUT IT's THRU !

with metta,


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Friday, September 11, 2009

Real Testimonal from Ginni (purchased AJ Waroot 1st batch nmp)

u will sure 100% dont believe what u r going to hear from me mr
I received a txt from u that u claim that u confirm didnt sms me as u r in Thai.
But is that a ghost email or txt,

This was what i had received from u @ 2am
1 2 egg 29 day
19 36 37 40
1 mask

I was shock when seeing this txt, what the hell u want from me, why must i buy u eggs for, so i decided to call u but your phone wasnt on.
And i was thinking what the hell this stupid guy want.
so i showed it to my boyfriend as busy drawing toto nos, and what we can think off of what u wrote was
2 eggs for 29 days,
19, 36, 37 & 40
1 mask
My boyfriend claimed that u wanted me to buy toto, prize 3 million and nos are my age 26, 1, 19, 36, 37, 40 and offer 2 eggs for 29 days after winning. and so he drew the toto number for me.
What i wanted to tell u now was i nearly kill my boyfriend,
u can have his body for collection.
I should won $60000 and end up winning $20.
i very sad, tell me what to do.
customer from spore (East)
From Siam Barang owner "Charms" commend:
i think this text sure wasnt from me, my hp had no roaming service.
i was away to thai for 3 days.
Thai call this as pee message.
And i was very sad too, i didnt win any toto today, my spirits so far also never enlighten me any number.
I think i am the one need to cry if u inform me earily,
i might be one of the big winner tonight.
PS: Dont be sad, thanks for your testimonal, at least you win $20, dont forget the offering.
This is our luck, this nmp is not for lottery luck but at least u are the 2nd owner win little $ in toto. So u should be happy, Ah Jie. and i not stupid guy, althot my home had many piggy soft toy BUT I NOT STUPID.
I think that this txt already tell/show who is >>> Hee Hee. ( Joking loh)
"Mummy is over",
oops this " Mummy is Over " u can always hear in riding SBS buses.
& by the way, i dont not keen in Guy spirits.
Thanks you so much, u can keep it for yourself.
What i'm very keen is the Japan Hannya mask price 4 figure.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Testimonal for customers ( AJ Waroot 1st NMP)

All written txt or attach are 100% true / Authentic from customers or friends that either email, sms or thru phone on waroot 1st nmp.
More will be post if customers agree with 1st.

Customer "A" from China


您好,這是第一次我在網上買真正好的屍體油, 也證明網上真賣主存在。







Customer B from Malaysia

( Note: that this customer had not received the NMP which will post out only at 19 sep 09. )

This is a different story from B customer after trying 2 nmp from 2 archan but result is nt as what he had assumed and claimed of:

my hair standing straight bro !even without the oil, i can feel the sense of these 2 prai.
Superb bro.
first time ever, bought couples of NMP, but none of the NMP could do this to me.
Even i wore the NMP with me.


Jus now, i'm asking u bout the NMP actually, why these 2 prai know that i'm going to INVITE her back, when they appear in my dream.
That y i asked u bout the purchase n heard by these 2 prai, or jus because the khatas that i chants.


Customer C from Taiwan



Customer "D" station at Shanghai .
( msm got from customer thru phone txt and all his feedback will email soon once he had settle down)

Hi pro,

Sorry late to drop u an email, hope u r doing well, this warot oil, i already bring to shanghai and had follow yr advise to redo the process again.
This is what i can feel now, the feeling of their present is getting strong as days pass by.
So far so good for this oil and this was what my wife had seen in her 2 dreamed,
1 time my wife dreamed of a lady short hair but without any face, telling my wife that she dont like leftover overnight food.
and the next day, she wake up and asked me why i offer overnight food to the thai amulet that i brough over here.
I very very shock, lost in words for a sec, how come she knew that i prepare the offering food at night and left in the fridge so as more easiler for me to offer they before rush to work which i find more easy for me.
For that on, I prepare only fresh food for them without miss.

2 dream after 2 week
she dreamed that she was walking to the toilet at home and when opening the door, she saw something behind the shower curtain, upon open the curtain, she was so shock that she saw abit fat lady with lots of scars on face and body looking at her and smile before disappear.

The next day, she confront me on what i had brough back, is she from the amulet too.
She was shocked of hearing my answer when i said yap, maybe was also from the amulet too.

In order not to make our relationship back to previous stage which was this oil that had help me to reconciled with her again.
I quickly did some offering & worship to the oil for merit not to scare my wife again as she's pregnant,
pls dont enter her dream again.
So far so good.
This is the 1st time i had purchased from u pro, a real good one, thanks & 2 warot 2.


LP Kui Locket of Wat SubTakien

This locket has powers such as bringing great wealth, luck, protection from danger, success and charms.

This Locket included:
The holy powders,
A holy rice,
Code plate
The holy gold leaf
And a piece of holy wood to protect bad things from happening & black magic to worshiper.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Malaysia 暹佛 magazine ( jus 4 sharing )