Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cicada is literally considered the "love bug" by some Thais

Thai Rath reported in August 2011 of a high demand for cicada eggs at a market in Lampang after locals claimed them to be a love drug dug up from the ground. The manager of Thung Kwian market said the eggs were being sold at B1,900 per kilogramme and politicians had sent their assistants to buy these eggs for them.
 He added that, at first, the eggs were sold at B500 but the price soared after the supposed reputation of the eggs as a libido increaser spread through word of mouth. The locals cook them by either grilling or steaming. 
A provincial officer said although there is no proof of the eggs being an aphrodisiac, they are a source of vitamins and can be eaten safely so long as they are properly cooked.