Tuesday, September 12, 2017

KB KhamPeng Virgin Spirit Mass God of Love Phaya Khao Kam Nang Kiang Amulet

100% Authentic
Phaya Khao Kam Nang Kiang Amulet (special)
KB KhamPeng
Arsom Sukhawadi
Origin: Kamphaeng Phet@Thailand 
Year: 2560 B.E. (2017 C.E.) 
Material: the mass of virgin spirits embedded with 9 Takrut
Size: 2.6 x 4 cm
People believe Phaya Khao Kam has strong power in ‘Charm and Love’ that can attract and draw good feelings from anyone easily. 
Especially this one from KB KhamPeng is very powerful because KB KhamPeng is a masterful enchanter monk. 
The Story of Phaya Khao Kam: 
Phaya Khao Kam appears in Northern Thai story. 
The story says that once in the past there was the king who did not have a son. 
The king wanted to have a son, so he held the ceremony to pray to god for son. 
Soon, the king had a son. 
His son was very good-looking and had gold horns on his head since he was born. 
The horns were bigger as he got older. 
When the prince grew up, he was charming and was wanted by a lot of girl in the town. 
People called the prince “Phaya Khao Kam” that means “who has gold horns”. 
Nobody could remove horns on prince’s head, but only if he can find his soulmate. 
 One day, the prince found two beautiful ladies who were his soul mates. 
The two ladies could remove horns on prince’s head.
 The prince no longer having horns, he and his girls lived happily ever after. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

LP Khieaw Holy Knife

100% Authentic

LP Khieaw
Wat Huayngow

Origin: Pattani@Thailand

Thai Year: 2560 (2017)

Size: 1.2 x 10 cm

1. It protects against dirty magic.
2. It protects against enemies, dangers and harmful attacks.
3. It expels ghosts and disturbing spirits.
4. Use to make holy water removing black magic, inauspicious and nightmare. 
5. The power is over other magic even tattoos or holy goodies can reduce their power when getting this knife by LP Khieaw. 
6. It protects against animals with poison, tusks and fangs. 
7. It helps warn of the imminent dangers: fire hazard and robbery.
8. When traveling in the woods, use to scrabble as a circle on the ground and apologize the land goddess in order to prevent disturbance of animals and spirits. 
9. When traveling by water, hold the knife in mouth or immerse the knife in the water to make crocodile or dangerous animals go away. 
10. When having abscess on skin, spell Katha and write the tip of the knife around the abscess. Soon the pus will come out or if abscess early lasts, it will go smaller and disappear.
11. When being attacked by black magic wind, the parts of body will be swollen. Using this knife to make holy water, then getting the knife from scabbard and touching on body will help recover. 
12. If want to keep secure for your family at night, before sleeping, leave scabbard half open and spell Katha. If someone thinking bad or the burglar comes, the owner will know and ones invading will be controlled by magic; cannot get in the house. 

Phra Khan Saeng Chaisit blade from more than 300 sacred metals, handle and sheat in mixed copper 

Top powerful materials such as 
1. metal Yant sheets from 9 Southern guru monks 
2. Maha Aoot Yant sheet (for protection) 
3. Kroh Phet Yant sheet (for protection)
4. Aksorn Thep Yant sheet (for protection)
5. Etipiso Rattana Mala Yant sheet (for protection)
6. Yod Phra Kan Trai Pidok Yant sheet (for protection)
7. boat propeller metal 
8. old bell 
9. ear of bell 
10. Lek Tim Phee (the metal tool for getting down the dead body) 
11. coffin nails of the one dying on Saturday, cremated on Tuesday 
12. death convict foot cuffs 
13. iron bar of the death sentence jail 
14. plough 
15. Lek Ai Bai (holy metal)
16. Lek Ai Bod (holy metal)
17. Lek Phee Tai Thong Gom (metal of the dead pregnant spirit)
18. Lek Phee Jom Nam Tai (metal of the drowning spirit)
19. elephant foot cuffs 
20. top part of pagoda metal 
21. top part of Stupa metal
22. top part of Phra That (holy relic) metal 
23. Lek Thiang Tong (holy metal) 
24. Lek Gae (holy metal)
25. Anchor metal 
26. 108 Na, 14 Nang Yant sheets 
27. Lek Lai Huajai Phra Sivali 
28. old spear metal
29. top part of Thai castle metal 
30. Lek Namphi from three wells: Bor Phra Saeng, Bor Phra Khan, and Bor Darb Chaisri
31. metal of the old place shaping sword for the king 
32. hook holding the white elephant 
33. Set of 5 holy metals 
34. Lek Lai Phu Kow Kwai
35. Phaya Roi Kung metal 
36. metal of ancient Kamphaeng Phet City 
37. the nails (Tapoo SangKaWanon) of 33 Buddhist chapels (Ubosot) where covers the holy relics
38. death convict chain 
39. execution scaffold metal 
40. neck chain of white elephant 
41. gold sheet, silver sheet and pinchbeck sheet 
42. old axe blade 
43. metal of Manorah master 
44. old Takrut Wat KowOor 
45. Loha Chiang Mak (a kind of metal)
46. Loha Reed Taai (a kind of metal)
47. pieces of chipped metals 
48. pieces of broken metals
49. gun barrel
50. metals blessed by LP Khieaw 
And others. 

This Phra Khan Saeng Chaisit holy knife was blessed by LP Khieaw in order to raise funds for building the chapel for Wat Prutu, Songkhla province. This campaign, LP Phusit, abbot of Wat Prutu who is a best disciple of LP Khieaw exclusively gave material for making the Phra Khan Saeng Chaisit knife mainly sacred metal for more than 300 kinds that LP Phusit had collected for years, forged by professional blacksmith, filled with 16 magical powders (in the handle) as follows:
1. Phong Lam Phee Phaai (exorcizing powder) 
2. Phong Tee Phee Tai (excorcizing powder)
3. Phong Lai Phee Nee (excorcizing powder) 
4. Ashes of People Who Died on Saturday and Cremated on Tuesday (very powerful according to ancient magic book)
5. Takrut Paju Khard of LP Khiew 
6. Hairs of LP Khieaw
7. A Piece of Robe of LP Khieaw 
8. Lek Lai Powder 
9. Black Ivory Powder
10. Exploded Stone Pieces of LP Khieaw 
11. Phong Maha Phoot (spiritual powder) of LP Hok Wat Tha Kham 
12. Phong Maha Phoot (spiritual powder) of LP Jerm Wat Huay Lad
13. Phong Maha Phoot (spiritual powder) of LP Yuak Wat Hua Kuan 
14. Phong Maha Phoot (spiritual powder) of Phothan In Wat Gae Bok
15. Phong Maha Phoot (spiritual powder) of Wat Kuan Na Khae 
16. **Special** Phong Prai Guman of LP Tim Wat LaHanLaai

Material blessed by LP Khieaw as in the beginning. 
When the knife was completely done, it was taken to LP Khieaw to bless on very auspicious date and time called “Maha Phetchakat Rerk” for 15 Saturdays and 15 Tuesdays, and grand blessing for 11 times. 

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Ajarn Put 阿贊Put 桃花迷情油


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Find Your Own Internal Peace