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Bio of Hanuman

Katha: Om Namo Hanumantaay Namah
Ha Nu Ma Na
Na Rong
Na Rong
Me Tar Nak Buk Me
Na Tak Nar Ta Ye

Buddhism originated as an offshoot of Hinduism in India, but eventually it became popular all over Asia. Religious, mythological and linguistic elements of Indian culture were absorbed by local populations across Asia where they adapted and moulded Indian influences to their own ways, gradually evolving cultures that were distinct yet with common roots.
The most influential literary work of all was the Ramayana which, along with the Mahabharata, ranks as India's greatest. The Ramakien is the Thai version of the Ramayana
Written some 2,000 years ago and accredited to the Indian poet Valmiki, the Ramayana opens with the founding of the rival cities of Ayutthaya, capital of the gods, and Langka, city of the demons. The long and convoluted tale revolves around the struggle between these two antagonistic forces, the principal action focusing on the trials and tribulations of Ayutthaya Prince Rama, the abduction of his wife, Sita, and the eventual defeat of Langka by Hanuman and his army of monkey warriors. In one form or another the epic was incorporated in the cultures of most Southeast Asian civilisations, and was firmly established before the rise of the Thai kingdom. Hanuman, the magical white monkey warrior is probably the best known monkey character in Ramakien. This deity is a provider of courage, hope, knowledge, intellect and devotion. He is pictured as a robust monkey holding a mace (gada) which is a sign of bravery and having a picture of Lord Rama tattooed on his chest which is a sign of his devotion.
Those looking for courage and protection often wear amulets of Hanuman. The Ramakien, is the Thai version of the Indian Ramayana epic in which Rama, Vishnu's reincarnation on earth and heir to the throne of Ayodhya in Northern India is banished from heaven and spends fourteen years in exile on earth with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshman. With the assistance of a monkey army whose commander is Hanuman, the monkey god, they set out to destroy the forces of evil on earth. Since 1902 the Ramakien has become part of Thailand's school curriculum. This epic literature contains romance, adventure, heroism, magic, demons, and gods.
全部的最显要的文学作品是,与Mahabharata一起,排列作为India'的Ramayana; 最伟大的s。 Ramakien是Ramayana的泰国版本写不少2,000年前和检定对印第安诗人Valmiki, Ramayana打开与建立敌手市Ayutthaya,神的资本和Langka,邪魔城市。
长和复杂的传说围绕在这两对抗性力量、主要Ayutthaya绑架王子Rama,他的妻子, Sita和Langka最后的失败的行动集中于试验的和苦难的之间奋斗由Hanuman和猴子战士他的军队。
Ramakien,是Rama, Vishnu'印第安Ramayana史诗的泰国版本; 在地球和继承人上的s再生Ayodhya王位的在北印度从天堂在与他的妻子Sita和他的兄弟Lakshman的地球上被驱逐并且度过十四年在流放。
因为1902 Ramakien有Thailand'的成为的部分; s学校课程。