Sunday, 4 January 2009

KMT by LP Goy

This Guman name is “Pin Thong”.
He will able to call money from eight directions (八方纳财)

For Best efficient result, this amulet is mix with:
Pong Kee Thao Dek Tai Prai
(child ashes dies the water spirit),
Pong Kee Thao Dek Tak Tong Glom,
Pong Kee Thao Dek
(child ashes)
die on Saturday and cremate on Tuesday,
and Wahn Guman Thong is used to mix in building this Guman Thong.
LP had chant and bless until Guman is able to move and he used holy rope to make the spirits to stay in every body of Guman and a name was given to each piece.
Final ceremony every Guman was dip into Namman oil for more sacred.

(Wahn Guman thong = is Guman Thong of Khun Paen, and before he died, he buried GMT in the soil and turn to grew into Wahn Guman Thong.