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Times flies

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Ajarn Golf

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Kruyai Sakyan Sit Arjan Tom 阿赞Yai

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Ngung King Bucha

三十三重天 vs 五十重天




Learning from France about perfume and why modern Thai charm oil are less effectiveness

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White Magic Love Ritual Sucess / Fail is About Connection

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Story of Sow Sam Moo Ban Kin Nam Bo Diaw Kan

Story of Sow Sam Moo Ban Kin Nam Bo Diaw Kan: 
The name in ancient Siam has a story—
there were three ladies which were from different villages and all three fell in love with the same man who lived far away from their villages. So every day, the three ladies would travel far to get water from that man’s village as they could see him and crazy about him. It came to be named the magic of love and charm known as “Sow Sam Moo Ban Kin Nam Bo Diaw Kan”. 

Thai translation: 
Sow = lady
Sam = three
Moo Ban = Village
Kin = eat
Nam = water
Bo = a well
Diaw Kan = the same 

Loving Relationship Need Maintenance

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LP Tat, Wat Wang Mai Tork @ Phitsanulok

Phor Ngung Love Ritual

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LP SOOD 108 Takrut One of the BEST

100% Authentic

B.E.2521 108 Waist Takrut

LP Sood, Wat Kalong

Origin: Samutsakorn @Thailand

Year: B.E.2521 (C.E.1978)

LP Sood created these powerful Takrut from 3 metals silver, copper and brass. 

Size: 106 cm x 1.4 cm 

LP Sood created and properly blessed these powerful Takrut following old method. 

108 waist Takruts by LP Sood is very well known in Thailand and abroad because when worship you will safe from weapons, accidents, harm and black magic.
108 waist Takruts are the best of danger, protection, charm and kindness. 
Every piece Takrut there is holy Yant writen. 

Biography of LP Sood:
LP Sood of Wat Kalong or Phra Kru Samut Thammasoonthorn is one of great magical monk of Thailand. LP Sood was born on 7 May B.E.2445 (C.E.1902) in Roi Ed province. LP Sood was ordained as Buddhist novice when he was 16 years old at Wat Klang Phanomphai. After ordination, LP Sood studied the magic with LP Maow who is first teacher of LP Sood. LP Sood was ordained again as Buddhist monk at Wat Kalong and he went to study the magic from many top monks such as LP Maow of Wat Klangphanomplai, LP Rung of Wat Thakrabue, LP Khong of Wat Bang Kraphom and other. LP Sood passed away on 14 August C.E.1983 while he was 81 years old. 

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A look of Chinese Hell