Sunday, 4 January 2009

LP Goy - Guman Thong Kod Hean

Powerful to attract money to the owner.

Guman Thong Kod Hean Riek Sup Ramruay Sombat
Which mean that this Guman has powerful to help the owner to be rich.
His own version is made from many kinds of sacred materials such as soil from 7 graveyards, ashes from deceased pregnant women, Plai Guman, sacred plants and trees such Wan GumanThong, and the Takian Tree.
Good for Metta Mahaniyom , luck , calling for money, deprive of the bad things & protection.
Bring all of Muan San to mix and LP Goy painted & used holy rope to tie and Sagod Yan ceremony into Guman Thong body one by one and write for merit.
Once u receive LP Goy amulet, you should take a merit to 9 monks and you will see the truth.