Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sailang Oil Pendent (Red) Best Charm, Sexual, Attraction, Luck

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Conserving Ancient HPY of Ayutthaya


100% Authentic

LP Phisan of Wat Pikulsokan Handmade 4-handed Warrior Hoon Phayon

Wat Maha Lok

Origin: Ayutthaya @Thailand 

Thai Year: 2558 (2015)

Wat Maha lok proudly presents warrior Hoon Phayon who protects you from bad powers and attracts money at the same time.

This Hoon Phayon has grass as main material, magically made into figure by LP Phisan, abbot of Wat Pikulsokan, Ayutthaya who masters science of Hoon Phayon. 
The inside of it contains many holy plants, holy mass (such as brick powder, soil from 9 cities, ivory powder, Phong Patthamang, etc.) and blessed jewels. Its outer is tied with silver wire and put with 1 gold Takrut on the chest. 

The blessing ceremony of Roon Ruay Perm Poon Udom Sarp is held on the auspicious date and time that famous guru monks in Ayutthaya are invited to perform as follows:
President of the ceremony is LP Phisan, Wat Pikulsokan, Ayutthaya. 
LP Ruay, Wat Tako 
LP Perm, Wat Pom Kaew 
LP Poon, Wat Ban Pan 
LP Udom, Wat Phichai Songkhram 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pu Lersi Jaksu Thip

100% Authentic

Pu Lersi Jaksu Thip

Pu Lersi Jaksu Thip is a holy hermit spirit. “Jaksu Thip” means magic eyes.
Pu Lersi Jaksu Thip has magic eyes, so he can see the future and everything.
Power of Pu Lersi Jaksu Thip will grant good luck, prosperity and safety to whoever worships.
Whoever prayed to Pu Lersi Jaksu Thip were fulfilled in their wishes.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Takrut Phee Yan ( Ghosts Fear )

100% Authentic 
 Rare to get now

Takrut Phee Yan (ghosts fears)

Luang Pho Pha
Wat Duei Kai

Origin: Thailand @Ubon Ratchathani province

- Special lead sheet with Yant inscription 
- complete with a temple casing 
- with authentication code and number from temple 

Size: 1 x 3.3 cm 

**Active Power in:
- dispelling evil/bad spirits and black magic 
- protecting one from harm and danger

Year: 2558 B.E. (2015 C.E.) 

*This Takrut was blessed by 93 years old LP Pha in the blessing ceremony (Phuttha Phisek) on 9 August 2015 at Wat Duei Kai in Thailand Ubon Ratchathani.
Luangpu Pha In 2015, he was already 93 and has been monk for 73 years. 
People sometimes call him Luangpho Phee Yan that means monk ghost fear, he helped people who were obsessed by ghosts with magic he had learnt from his lay guru masters. 
People obsessed by ghosts after LP Pha treated became normal. At present, he is sometimes invited to do that by people living near Laos and Cambodia. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Luangpu Sing

 Luangpu Sing an abbot of Wat Ban Pa Tabang in Nakhon Ratchasima province.
He is a good monk. A lot of people admire and respect him. LP Sing is a disciple of LP Gerng of Wat Po Chai, Nong Khai province who is a disciple of LP Mun.
LP Sing likes to help people who are in trouble by using his good power without any fee for example LP Sing sprinkled holy water over a poor man and said that a poor man would be rich by not longer than 2 years. Since then, a poor man has run business well and now has good finances.
LP Sing learnt many things during going on a pilgrimage. He saw fierce animals and spirits, but he could get through a serious situation because he had strong mindfulness and good power.
LP Sing is diligent. Although he gets older, he still works as usual such as sweeping the ground, looking after the temple and else.

There are many miracles about LP Sing that monks and novices have ever found. People near temple also respect and praise LP Sing as a holy monk. People said LP Sing ever blessed Takrut until it spun by itself, blessed medal until it had smoke (so hot that smoke came out!), blessed amulets and then thunder occurred and blessed Palad Khik until it moved as if it were alive. Therefore, whoever has amulet that LP Sing has blessed, only closing eyes and praying will encounter good amazing experience. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015


"PHO SUPHAN"  (passed away on 20 February 2019)  an occult master in Ubon Ratchathani Province accumulated magic and dharma for over 50 years, inherited magical knowledge from Laotian gurus such as PhraArjarnSarKamdaeng, LP Hui of PhuKowKwai, ArjarnSuerla, Lersi Son (hermit), Lersi Bua (hermit), Lersi Phra Dharmaban (hermit), Lersi Thongdam (hermit), Lersi Kampon (hermit), etc.
He was a former Laotian soldier and field doctor graduating in medicine from France for 1 year and 9 months and Philippines for 1 year and 6 months.
He was a senior member of sub-district council (14 years in position).

Friday, June 26, 2015

Luangpho Sommai Khantigo

Luangpho Sommai Khantigo of Wat Kam Pho, Ubon Ratchathani Province.
LP Sommai was born on 27 July 1959 in Khon Kaen Province.
Got ordained at age fourteen.
LP Sommai collected a lot of experience
for example:
-    Served LP Sorn at Wat Non That in Yasothon Province
-    Studied magic book of LP Jan, Wat Hor Gong, Yasothon Province
-    A disciple of Phra Kru WirotRatNobon
-    Direct learner of Gammathan from LP Boonrueang Wisantho, Wat Phued SophaRam
-    Achieved dharma, physiognomy and astrology from LP Phina
-    Studied "Visha Ongkan Phrajow 16 PhraOng" from Arjarn Chin Rodprasit, Bangkok
-    Studied "Visha Duang Kammak Haeng" from Kru Tham, a disciple of LP Samret Loon of Champasak, Laos
-    Went on a pilgrimage throughout Northeastern Thailand and has been propagating Buddha's teachings on behalf of Group "Jai Prasan Jai" (heart to heart) under the supervision of Wat Phued SophaRam, Ubon Ratchathani Province

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Luangpu Pha

Luangpu Pha (monk name: Gosalo) of Wat Duei Kai is a highly respected monk in Ubon Ratchathani province. In 2015, he is 93 and has been a monk for 73 years.
People sometimes call him Luangpho Phee Yan that means a monk who makes ghost fear Luangpho means a monk and Phee Yan (northeastern Thai dialect) means making ghosts fear.
This name came from when LP Pha was a young monk, he helped people who were obsessed by ghosts with magic he had learnt from his lay guru master.  
 People obsessed by ghosts screamed and after LP Pha treated, they became normal. 
At present, he is sometimes invited to do that by people living near Laos and Cambodia. 
When LP Pha was newly ordained, he traveled to learn magic from many experts until he all understood. With his sacredness, he was once cut at throat by a criminal, but the blade did not cut his skin at all. 
LP Pha is a good monk. All his life, he does good and helps people. T
oday, LP Pha lives at Wat Duei Kai, a small temple where he established by himself.
This temple has only LP Pha and a lot of chickens.  LP Pha feeds these chickens every day and they are very tame.

Monday, June 15, 2015

LP Thonglorh

LP Thonglorh who is the oldest guru monk in Ayutthaya and who keeps on superb magic of LP Nguen and others.
He ever met Prince Chumphon who is the important person in Thai mystical history.
LP Thonglorh is a senior guru monk who has lived for four reigns (King Rama the Sixth until King Rama the Ninth). In 2015 C.E., he is 97 years old. 
LP Thonglorh was born in the reign of King Rama the Sixth, 2461 B.E. (1918 C.E.).
He got ordained as a Buddhist novice at the age of 16 and a monk at the age of 21.  

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Luangpho Phiw

Luangpho Phiw is an abbot of Wat Pradu Songtham, Ayutthaya province who is respectable and solitary. In spite of age 93 (now 2016 C.E.), Luangpho is not much known because he does not like to appear in the news, but loves to live simply at the temple. Actually, he is interesting because Luangpho looks younger and stronger than other monks at the same age as well as Luangpho has good meditation and mantra knowledge. It can be said that Luangpho Phiw is a holy monk who does not display himself. 
Luangpho Phiw was born in Ayutthaya province on September 1st, 2466 B.E. (1923 C.E.) and got ordained as a Buddhist monk at age 25 on July 25th, 2491 B.E. (1948 C.E.).

Friday, May 29, 2015

Phra Arjarn Chai

Luangpho Chai or well-known as Phra Arjarn Chai.
LP Chai became an abbot after Luangpu Chalerm, a famous guru monk of Wat Boonnakprachasan in Samut Songkhram province whom people do believe in his amulets helping owners get lucky, do business very well and stay safe from any danger.
With strong mantras, people give an idiom to amulets from LP Chalerm, mosquitoes cannot suck blood, knives cannot cut skin. As for LP Chai, he is a disciple and a son of LP Chalerm.
LP Chalerm handed down all his mantra knowledge to LP Chai.
That is to say LP Chai keeps on superb mantras of LP Chalerm, his father. (LP Chalerm passed away in 2015 C.E.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Luangpu Dam

This is Luangpu Dam (age 80, 2016 C.E.), Wat Nang Faek, Phitsanulok province who keeps on Visha Maha Kradon (great protection magic) of LP Ket (Luangpu Ket, Wat Sri Mueang, Sukhothai province) who pioneered Takrut Maha Kradon that could stop the gun bullets! In fact, LP Dam is an adopted son of LP Ket and the only one who received Visha Maha Kradon from LP Ket.
 As for LP Dam, he is a true monk, going mainly in dharma and meditation, without caring about assets and stuff. He likes to do meditation in the graveyard alone and always gives a kind welcome to disciples. Although LP Dam gets older and disciples ask him not to work much, LP Dam does not stop doing a monk routine. 
"Person without mercy is like the dry field, hard for crops to grow", LP Dam implied to disciples.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chinnabanchon Katha

Somdej Toh (1788-1872; B.E. 2331-2415), or formally known as Somdet Phra Phutthachan Toh Phrommarangsi is one of the most famous Buddhist monks in Thailand widely revered as a monk who possessed magical powers and his amulets are widely sought after especially "Phra Somdej" the number 1 amulet in Thailand. 

Not only the creator of Phra Somdej amulet, but Somdej Toh also developed the powerful mantra or Katha "Chinnabanchon". In fact, this Katha was first composed by Lanna monk (Lanna: Northern kingdom in ancient Thailand) in Ayutthaya period. This Katha can be also found in Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

Meanings & Benefits:
"Chinnabanchon" (chin-na-ban-chon) means "the great strong bars of Buddha that can protect prayer from all dangers and demons" coming from 2 words Chin = a winner and Banchon = bar. 

Chanting this Katha regularly is auspicious for the prayer himself; being safe from enemies, dangers, vicious treats and spirits, and moreover increasing favorable power for life in every aspect. 

Directions: You can chant this Katha without offerings every day or any day you would like. As for the auspicious day for chanting, Thursday is recommended because it is accepted as "Master Day" in Thai belief. And before chanting, you should be calm down and think of Buddha, Dharma and Somdej Toh. 
Full Version of Chinnabanchon Katha:

1. ChaYaSaNaKaTa PhutTa ChayTaWa MaLung SaWaHaNung
JaTuSatJaSaPung RaSung YaPiWingSu NaRaSaPa

2. TunHungGaRaTaYoPhutTa UtTaWeSaTi NaYaGa
SapPay PaTidTiTa MaiHung MutTaGayTay MuNisSaRa

3. SeeSay PaTidTiToh MaiHung PhutTo ThumMo ThaWiLoJaNay
SungKo PaTidTiToh MaiHung U-Ray SapPaKuNaGaRo

4. HaTaYa May A-NuRutTo SaReePutToh Ja TakKiNay
KoneTunYo PidTiPaKutSaMing MokeKulLaNo Ja WaMaGay

5. TakKiNay SaWaNay MaiHung ArSung ArNanTaRaHuLo
GutSaPo Ja MaHaNaMo U-PaSung WaMaSoTaGay

6.GaySunTay PiTidPaKutSaMing SuRiYo Wa PaPungGaRo
NiSinNo SiRiSamPanNo SoPiToh MuNiPungKaWo

7. GuMaRaGutSaPo TayRo MaHaySee JitTaWaTaGo
SoMaiHung WaTaNayNitJung PaTidThaSi KuNaGaRo

8. PunNo UngKuLiMaLo Ja U-PaLee NanTaSeeWaLee
TayRa PunJa I-May ChaTa NaLaTay TeeLaGa MaMa

9. SaySaSeeTi MaHaTayRa WiChiTa ChiNaSaWaGa
A-TaySeeTi MaHaTayRa ChiTaWanToh ChiNoRaSa
ChaLunTaSeeLaTayChayNa UngKaMungKaySu SanTiTa

10. RaTaNung PuRaToh ArSi TakKiNay MetTaSutTaGung
ThaChutKung PutChaToh ArSi WaMay UngKuLiMaLaGung

11.KunTaMoRaPaRitTunJa ArTaNaTiYaSutTaGung
ArGaSay ChaTaNungArSi SaySa PaGaRaSunThiTa

12. ChinNaNaNa WaRaSungYutTa SatTaPaGaRaLungGaTa
WaTaPidTaTiSunChaTa PaHiRutChutTuPutTaWa

13. A-SaySa WiNaYoung YunTu A-NanTaChiNaTayChaSa
WaSaToh May SaKitJayNa SaTha SamPhutTaPunChaRay

14. ChiNaPunChaRaMutChumHi WiHaRunTung MaHiTaLay
SaTa PaLane Tu Mung SapPay TayMaHaPuRiSaSaPa

15. ItJayWaMonToh SuKutToh SuRakKo
ChiNaNuPaWayNa ChiTuPutTaWo
ThumMaNuPaWayNa ChiTaRiSungKo
SungKaNuPaWayNa ChiTunTaRaYo
SutThumMaNuPaWaPaRiToh ChaRaMiChiNaPunChaRayTi.

Translation from Pali:
1.    Buddha and the enlightened who successfully defeated demons and sins and understood the 4 truths will carry all lives over passions and sorrows. 
2.    There are 28 Buddha. 
3.    I respectfully invite Buddha to stay on my head, Dharma on my eyes and monks on my chest. 
4.    Anuruttha Thera is in my mind. Sareebut Thera is on my right hand. Mokalana Thera is on my left hand.  Anyagothanya Thera is on my back. 
5.    Arnon Thera and Rahul Thera are on my right ear and Gasapa Thera and Mahanama are on my left ear.
6.    Sophita Thera is on my entire hair. 
7.    Gumara Gasapa Thera is on my lips.
8.    Punna Thera, Angkuliman Thera, Ubali Thera, Nantha Thera and Sivali Thera are on my forehead.
9.    Asiti Maha Thera (the sons of Buddha) are on my organs. 
10.    Rattana Sut is in the front. Metta Sut is on the right. Angkuliman Parit is on the left. Thachaka is at the back. 
11.    Khantha Parit, Mora Parit and Atanatiya Sut are like the roof in the air. 
12.    Other topnotchers are the 7-layered wall. 
13.    May power of this shield carry off all inside and outside sufferings. 
14.    May power of all topnotchers protect me who staying in this shield. 
15.    May favors from Buddha, Dharma and Monks help and protect me from all menaces and obstacles forever.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Phra Khun Paen Phumphuang Amulet

100% Authentic
Wat Thab Kradan,Suphanburi@Thailand
After press conference of Phra Khun Paen Prai Phumphuang Amulet by Wat Thab Kradan, there is good feedback from Thai worshipers especially fans of the eternal queen of Thai folk song named Phumphuang Duangchan.
This Phra Khun Paen amulet is mixed with Atthi of her which family of the folk diva willingly gave the temple.
Family of Phumphuang Duangchan, Younger sister of Phumphuang said she and family were willing to give her sister ash kept for 23 years to make amulet for people to worship.
She dreamt of her sister telling her to use her ash worthily for religion.
This makes this Phra Khun Paen amulet very special.
Belief in Phumphuang Duangchan:
Phumphuang Duangchan was a famous Thai folk singer in the past.
She became the most successful folk singer in Thailand, but unfortunately she died from SLE disease (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) at only age 31 in 1992 C.E.
Her dead body was cremated at Wat Thab Kradan, Suphanburi.
After funeral, fans missed her a lot, so Wat Thab Kradan built the statue of Phumphuang at temple so that fans could come to see and pay respect to their favorite singer.
Every year, there is annual commemorating event for Phumphuang at Wat Thab Kradan where songs and films are displayed to recall the folk diva Phumphuang.
Now, it is more than 20 years of passing of Phumphuang, but people believe Phumphuang spirit still exists to help people. Amazingly, people who pay respect to Phumphuang statue could win the lottery and succeed in what they have prayed to Phumphuang.
Batch Name (Roon): Phra Khun Paen Prai Phumphuang (first edition)
Release Year: 2558 B.E. (2015 C.E.)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gamma ( Sexual ) Waist Takrut