Friday, 30 January 2009

Are you been wandering ???

Hi Bro & sis,

Are you been asking or thinking of this question?
Are you searching for something that suit you to wear?
Why my amulets had no power?
why beginning was so good and now didn't?
why my requests was not able to fulfilled?
Is it suit me?
can i wear?
what i suitable for me?
What should i wear?
New to amulets?

Why Pay More

Why don't we shares,

What u See might not be True,
What u Hear might not be Real,
What u Feel is the one u want.
What u get might not be,
is what u want .

my concern of opening this blog is all about share,
Drop me an email,
and no worry,
No application needed.
Anyway we dont know one another.
if u are interested in any my little collection, do let me know.
Rent it = Purchase it, subject to xtra stocks available in hand.

A little profile of me:

I love thai amulets,
I a safe player collected and display only
"No Side Effect".
Why i love Barang amulets which answer is simple cos its fast and
What i see is what i feels and gain.

If you appreciate my work, pls help to free advertise.

Many Thanks

May Buddha Bless u & your family.