Tuesday, 20 January 2009

LP Samchat Parimutto Cambodian Style Yonee Pathamang Logee

Archan Somchat Parimutto

Metta MahaSaney (Kindness) Batch 2008
On the front show Yonee Pathamang Logee image with corpse Pubic hair and the back have Takrut Nang Phaya Hong Ron.

Material: Yonee Pathamang Logee, built from Prai 58 Ton (spirits), the skin of the belly of Yonee Prai dipped with Wahn, Dok Mai Thong Soot Khmer genuinely, mixed with Pong Pathamang Logee and the head of Wahn more than 108 types for blessing until three months, Fung with Takrut Nang Phaya Hong Ron.

According to LP Somchat “whosoever put it in with himself will be loved by many other”.

Way to use: when you bring to your home, you should one incense and pray with offering such as fragrance flower and bring it to yourself and beg for luck and money or love as you want.

NaMo Pakavia Gonevei Kunpriek Sripatamanglogee Sawahometid
Metta MahaSaney (仁慈)批2008年
在与尸体Pte .hair和后面的前面展示Yonee Pathamang Logee图象有Takrut Nang Phaya洪Ron。

材料: Yonee Pathamang Logee,建立从Prai 58吨(精神), Yonee Prai的腹部的皮肤真诚地浸洗了与Wahn, Dok Mai皮带煤灰高棉,与Pong Pathamang Logee和头混合了Wahn超过祝福的直到三个月, Fung 108个类型和Takrut Nang Phaya洪Ron。

根据LP Somchat “whosoever投入它与他自己将由许多其他爱”。

当您给您的家时带来,您应该一香火和祈祷与提供例如芬芳花和给你自己带来它和为运气乞求和金钱或者爱,当您要。 Katha :欧姆 NaMo Pakavia Gonevei Kunpriek Sripatamanglogee Sawahometid