Sunday, 4 January 2009

LP SomChai - Naang Naun = a woman is lying (Mae Spirit)

Naang Naun that means a woman is lying down.

(Mae Spirit by LP SomChai, Thai amulet)

Great Charming from Opposite Sexual. -

Powerful Naang Naun spirit with women skin mixed.

Naang Naun that means a woman is lying down.

From: LP SomChai of Wat Darn Gwee-an, Nakhon Ratchasima province

1. Dead Woman Skin from stomach.
2. Soil from Cemeteries.
3. Many kinds of material are known as magic that make amulets. It is top secret about many materials.
4. Oil from human corpse.

Year: C.E.2007 (B.E.2550)

LP SomChai make and write Yahn script one by one.
And then calls the woman spirits into the images with ancient KaTha.

Powerful of this amulet:
This spirit is especially powerful in charming with opposite sex.