Monday, November 3, 2014

LP Purachet of Wat Suwannakhi in Suphanburi

Thailand is the land of belief. There are guru monks in all regions. In Central Thailand, Suphanburi Province, there are many well-known guru monks such as LP Sak, LP Pui, LP Nim and so on. These days, one skilled guru monk from Suphanburi you will know is LP Purachet.

LP Purachet is an abbot of Wat Suwannakhi in Suphanburi Province. He is famous for his powerful amulets especially Guman Thong. He can contact the great hermit spirit named Pu RueSi. He can invite Pu RueSi spirit into himself. While consecrating, he likes to invite spirits to come into the amulets for stronger power. 

LP Purachet, a Master of Guman Thong!

When talking about powerful Guman Thong, we think of some of LP Purachet. Yes, LP Purachet (abbot of Wat Suwannakhi, Suphanburi province) is one of guru monks who are proficient at making Guman Thong.
His Guman Thong figures are not common because they are made of mystical substance such as burial soil and ashes. Every Guman Thong is intensively blessed by LP Purachet that he invites spirits to obsess. That means any Guman Thong by LP Purachet really has spirit. With this method, not only Guman Thong, but his other spiritual objects for example Hong Prai are also powerful.

Many owners especially who have a sixth sense can feel their Guman Thong spirits. Ones felt the naughtiness of their Guman Thong as if they wanted to play with their owners such as TV turning on itself, telephone ringing itself or even tap water running by itself.

LP Purachet said if owner often talks with this Guman Thong and takes of it well, his Guman Thong will help him very well. For example, a disciple from Southern Thailand took care of his Guman Thong very well after he got from temple, he could win the national lottery for 4 times!

LP Purachet has made Guman Thong for a long time. Proceeds from Guman Thong are spent on necessary temple affairs.

Not only Thai people, but also foreigners are interested in Guman Thong by LP Purachet especially the Chinese.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mae Kanya the Virgin Lady

Prai Kanya (Virgin) is the name of “Mae Nid” who was a virgin woman that died in Tuesday and cremated on Saturday that is very powerful corpse originally from LP Sangthaow who was teacher of LP Tim of Wat Laharnrai that LP Joon took her ashes powder as the main Powerful key ingredient.

Thai Year: 2557 (2014)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Katha Por Naan Sala Tan Prai 5 Nang

Por Naan Sala Tan Prai 5 Nang Oil: 
Ohm Phee Tai Hong/ Ohm Phee Tai Prai/ Gu Ja Riak Jit Kon Thang Lai Khao Ma Ha Gu/ Hue Yu Nai Kin Nai Ba Dai/ Rorng Ram Hai Ha Gu/ Pa Tha Mang/ Ma A Ou / Na Ma Mi Hang/ Jit Yang Mat Mat. (x1) 
**Can carry along
**Note: 1. The first day you receive this oil , light 9 joss sticks to ask the guardian spirit for permission to open the way for spirit in oil. 
2. Offer spicy food , alcoholic drink and cigarette. 
Light 5 joss sticks and politely call spirit to eat those offerings. 
3. To pray for something , light 1 joss stick , then spell the Katha and pray your wish.