Thursday, 1 January 2009

LP Garlong 1st batch Lip wax (BEST)

1st batch and highly recommend, it so amazing, it really work, jus like making the birds come down toward u.

Story, i didn't know till a customer of mine told me that he is using Garlong wax mix with other material from his customer as he is a local archan. And i began to search of the history of this stuffs and once the info is right, i began to ask local dealer to get as much as possible for me. But someone told me that i might not be able to use all up, hee maybe 80 yr old i still using that.

Beware of the color only this color of wax is prepare by Garlong and not the 2nd batch.

Hee, there's something can't be done with it.

Prohibition of this amulet:

1. Don’t say vulgar words

2. Don’t be adulterous with married couple

3. Don’t use with person who is not over 18 years

Holy Materials:

1. Chai Candle which king had lighted in royal ceremony.

2. Chai Candle in Puttapisek Ceremony

3. Beehive 5th Month

4. Small Pied Hornbill Bird Nest

5. Remaining gold-leaf from 9 Holy Buddha Image

6. See Phueng Fuse from 108-Guru Monks

7. First batch of See Phueng Fuse in C.E. 1957 of LP Garlong

8. Tears of Pa Yoon Fish

9. Oil from Elephant is in rut

10. ItTiJay Powder

11. MaHaRaj Powder

12. 108 kinds of Wahn MaHaSaNay MettaNiYom namely Wahn Haa Roy Nang, Wahn Saen Nang Lom, Wahn SaNay Khun Paen and etc.

13. Other holy material following Khmer magic book