Sunday, 4 January 2009

KB Thammamunee / KB Dharmamuni - Palad Khik “Tua Gerd Sitthichoke”

Tua Gerd Sitthichoke = this spirit has power to help the owner to be rich.

KB Thammamunee must do as the steps learning in calculate day and auspicious time

(Lerk Yam) that is well for doing a thing.

KB Thammamunee used holy metal that get from the top of old castle.

After that, KB Thammamunee find the auspicious time in first of Saturday, Khuen 15 Kham
(the waxing period of the moon) and then do Pithee Akkara Lek Yant and born Tua Gerd 32 Tua in the final ray of Tuesday Ram 14 Kham (the waxing period of the moon) on the funeral pyre cremates for great power that can control ghost for obeying.

Kruba Thammamunee went on to say that his “Palad Khik” also comprised a series of unique aspects derived from three kinds of animals as follows:
1. Hawk’s eyes, the senior monk said that hawks have extraordinary sharp eyes and they could
see things at a great distance, helping them to catch prey that more easily.
All worshippers of these Palad Khik would be blessed with business success. 2. Fish’s mouths, the senior monk said that the mouth of a fish was constantly open to catch food.
Worshippers of this amulet would al;ways have food to neat.
3. Lions’ tails, the senior monk explained that lions have very beautiful tails which they use to flaunt their superiority within the pride.
As such all worshippers of his “Palad Kihk-Tuokerdsittichoke amulets” would be seen as powerful and respected by others by power, Baramee (Prestige) and Saney (Charm).

This Palad Khik has power in protecting the owner from enemy and danger.
When you shake this Palad Khik amulet you can hear sound of "gring-gring".

Na Ma Pa Ta
I Ti Pu Li
Rukka Nuttung
Na Ma Mihung