Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LP Samchat Parimutto Cambodian Style Red Eye “Phaya Ngung” Spirit

Phaya Ngung Song Kreung Mahasaney -Charms

By Phra Ajarn Somchat Parimutto
Batch 2008

Pong Kradook Phee Boran (bone powder from ancient people).

Somchat had found skeleton while he went “Tudong”.
He dream that there is a tall man occurred to beg for merit, and so he pray for the spirit in the morning and take some parts of his body to be built Phaya Ngung that will bring the wealth to the people that has this Phaya Ngung. Besides, there are Pong Wahn Mahasaney, Wahn from other trees such as Wahn Garlong, Wahn Nang Kwak, Wahn Saney Jan Dang, Wahn Saney Jan Khao, Wahn Dok Thong Tua Phoo, Tua Mia, Wahn Khun Paen for be beloved of other people including the master, clients, lover that stressing on Metta Mahaniyom, Mahasaney and protection.

KunPriek Asurin Jungtung Heenaoi Banggerdmontsanae.
(9 times)
Phaya Ngung Kreung Mahasaney -魅力
Phra Ajarn Somchat Parimutto 批2008年
Pong Kradook Phee Boran (从古代人的骨头粉末)。
当他去“Tudong”时, Somchat找到骨骼。
他作梦有一个高人发生为优点乞求,和,因此他为精神祈祷早晨并且采取他的身体的有些部分是给人民将带来财富有这Phaya Ngung的被修造的Phaya Ngung。
其外,有Pong Wahn Mahasaney,从其他树的Wahn例如Wahn Garlong,Wahn Nang Kwak, Wahn Saney Wahn 1月Dang,Saney皮带1月Khao, Wahn Dok Tua Phoo,Tua Mia,Wahn Khun Paen为是心爱的其他人民包括大师,客户,注重在Metta Mahaniyom,Mahasaney和保护的恋人。
Katha : KunPriek Asurin Jungtung Heenaoi Banggerdmontsanae。 (9次)