Thursday, 1 January 2009

Ayutthaya period Antique Phra Gan bucha

Any idea what to check if renting old Phra Gan?
Check the Soil, Face with no deep scratches, behind neck area & head must no crack line, etc.
Praying & chanting is a necessary, offering, etc.
In Asia, different people pray Gan differently, asking for all types of wishes to be fulfilled and some called Gan as 山神 (mountain Gods), Pali Gan, Archan Gan, Artan Gan, Song Gan, Tian Tong Gan...etc, so many but if your katha is correct and no missing words, the Gan you sincerely pray, chant and you will be 100% able to feel it.
Pls noted that Gan is no like GMT, he is no a toy to be play around, pls keep this in mind, as we are not monk or archan who be able to control every situation.
To me, Phra Gan is my most respect Master,
Why i called him a master?
u will get to know the answer if you r a sincere prayer to him.
If you are looking for katha to pray, these are endless, as different monks make and chant different, unless u rent it with katha given. Or some archan / master teach you the way of praying. Start from inviting him in , offering, sit in & ......onwards.
Gan is known to be good in black magic or cast spell & best of all spirits unable to harm us or get near to us. Gan is also popular for Business luck, charms opp sex, horse betting, make u more brave......