Thursday, 1 January 2009

LP Goy, Wat Kowdintai, In-Lok Mar Sap Nang Pedejsuk Banlue Lok

LP Goy has brought magical Arthan to Sakod spirits ceremony and melted into In-Koo MaSepNang figure with Pong Nang Ook Tak that is the sacred Pong in Mahasaney for the opposite sex and the same sex.

This Pong must bless until the beautiful woman happened to find the beloved man as the breast is broken and Fung with Takrut Phaya Te Krua.

LP Goyhas pluked sek as ancient Khmer ritual every step until three months.

Pluk sek until LP Goy saw Nimit {image} of male and female are hugging each other clearly called male In-Koo spirit and female In-Koo spirit penetrating in every lovers of In-Koo MaSepNang.

Besides, LP Goy called Yan In of the male and female into MaSepNang in every pairs and blessed with Mont MaSepNang, Mont In-Koo Pitsavas, Mont Chang Pasom Khlong and Mont Mahasaney Pitsadan 108, Mont Na Long Lai that can make a magic to human mind both male and female to love you.

According to LP Goy, If someone have this, female saw, female loved while the male saw, the male loved.

There are charms for the one who saw with love and kind.

It is dominant in Metta Mahasaney and happy in love, family, prosperity, traveling all the time. , this amulet is best for attracting back a lost love or relationship and also for attraction.