Saturday, 6 June 2009

LP SomChai - Special Stillborn Fetus “Look Grauk” Spirit ( Wat Darn Gwee-an )

Material and step to make this special Look Grauk:

Cut out fresh of unborn baby from pregnant corpse from cemetery who die on Saturday and buried on Tuesday, Soil from 7 Cemeteries, 7 salt-licks, 7 Field, 7 River, 7 Mountain, and old pagoda

Bring all of materials mixed together with “Wahn” oil, Spell oil, and “Prai” oil until all become same unique materials.

LP SomChai molded Look Grauk statuses from materials used and hang out to the moon by 7 nights.

LP SomChai summon Look Grauk spirits into the images with ancient Katha.

做这特别神色的材料和步Grauk :


从7座公墓, 7的土壤盐舔, 7调遣, 7河, 7山和老塔


LP SomChai铸造了神色从用于的材料的Grauk状态并且对月亮7夜。

LP SomChai召唤Grauk入与古老Katha.