Saturday, 27 June 2009

AJ Waroot 亞赞屈碌 - Fresh Pannneng Khun Pean Galork with charm oil.

Thai men believe that AJ Waroot Khun Paen Amulets will help them get lucky in love relationship and give them strength to be brave.

This Fresh Forehead bone of a woman who had dies by accident,
3 Gold, silver & copper takkuts at back
Soak in charm oil.
The most effective way to use his amulet.
1. Pray Katha if you want amulet help you.
And if you are making a merit please think of the amulet which will made amulet more stronger.
2. If you want to hang this amulet,
do not wear with the same Necklace as Buddha amulet.
You can use the amulet as key ring but must not keep below hip area.
This charm is particularly famous of able to bring good luck and great fortune to her selected owners.
1. Offering to Panneng:
2. This is an incantation for call Phi Prai
(use when you want spirit to go with you anywhere.):
3. This is an incantation for using Phi Prai
(use when you want her to help you do somthings.):