Thursday, 25 June 2009

LP Nen - Namman Kao Na Na Thong Mahasaney (Charming oil)

LP Nen (SusanBoran Sisaket province).

LP Nen is one who succeeds in making Hoon magic from Cambodia.

This charming oil LP Nen created and blessed with an ancient Cambodia method.

To bring superb power in commerce, great success and great charm to the the worshiper who use.

In order to make this charming oil very sacred therefore LP Nen had added many holy stuffs :
108 holy herbs
such as
Wahn DokMaiThong,
Wahn KhaoLong,
Wahn DokPhutSon,
Wahn SaaneyChan,
Wahn RakSon,
Wahn Setthi,
Wahn JungNang,
Wahn Nang Kwak,
Wahn Chang Phasom Khong.
9 silver Tukkuts