Tuesday, June 2, 2009

LP Dum’s Earlier Batch Locket & Guman Thong with Gold Tukkut and Ashes

This amulet made of Soil from Cemeteries and many kinds of material are known as magic that make amulet strong.
It is top secret about material.
LP Dum put human ashes, Copper Guman Thong and Gold TaKrut with ancient Khmer spell by himself.
People believe LP Dum’s Guman Thong much more power to help the owner from bad thing, evil forces and promising business success.
Worshipping of LP Dum’s Guman Thong amulet,
Make your mind calm.
Think of all your goodness that you have done and focus all your faith to the LP Dum and Guman.
Before you go outside, you should tell Guman “please go with you” with KaTha.
If you want to tell or worship Guman, you have to use 5 incense sticks.
Before you eat, make your mind calm and think of Guman, and then invite Guman to eat with you.
The things that use for worship are 3 colors of soft drink, flower and perfume.
DO NOT offer alcohol for worshipping.
The owner can ask for any things that he could help, not too big project.
That may exceed Guman’s power to help
(Don’t ask about the thing that is illegal).
When you got some thing that you want already, don’t forget to give some things
(Soft drink, flower and perfume)
that you tell Guman before you ask him to help.
Starting withj Namo Tasa ...... x3
Ehi Kuma
Ehi Koma Hingsa
Ehi Thanang
Ehi Aharn Pochanang
Lohitang Sut Tha