Saturday, 27 June 2009

AJ KongRit - Namman Prai, Phi Taithangklom

The making this charm oil included

1. chin oil of pregnancy corpse,

2. oils from violent death

3. mixed with Namman powder

4. magic wax

5. powder from the bone of pregnancy corpse,
6. powder of Panneng

7. Total of 32 violent death corpses were involve to made this oil.

The way to use this charm oil:
Anointing the charm oil on the skin your lover or putting in the food or drinking for your lover eating to bring great charm & great attraction to you.

Phra AJ KongKit had studied spell magic from great teacher in khmer.
1. 怀孕尸体的下巴油,
2. 从非命的油
3. 与Namman粉末混合
4. 不可思议的蜡
5. 从怀孕尸体的骨头的粉末,
6. Panneng粉末
7. 共计32具非命尸体是介入做这油。
涂油在皮肤的魅力油您的恋人或投入在食物或喝为吃您的恋人带来巨大魅力& 对您的巨大吸引力。