Wednesday, 10 June 2009

AJ Perm - Namman Mae Spirit Charm " Nang Phaya Pee Prai "

Nang Phaya Pee Prai in a triangle shape soak in spirits oil.

To make harm proof and good luck and origin of luck with especially in love matters.

it is making sacred in kind and Meta Mahaniyom and this isn’t black magic and there is no harm in use.

You must direct Katha for using with same and different sexes.


Wan Nang Phaya Phee Dip is main Muan San from Burma that is called Wan Me Do Yee that is using in black magic route that are now popular in Thai now.

( For more info on Wan Nang Phaya Phee Dip pls view under blog label of LP Noi )

This Wan has a miracle power, which has Nang Mai spirit as Nang Tanee or Nang Ta Kien that appear at night.

Her visual appearance must appear either in a nice, innocent looking, petty, beautiful figure with white dress and long hair.

Worshipping to her or related amulets:

You either can / should worship with cook foods, light 2 incense sticks, a glass of red water and direct with Katha to Mae Nang Phaya Pee/Hong Prai and you will receive a good result.