Thursday, June 18, 2009

AJ Poo Sariang - Panneng Nang Kruan Spirit

Only 1 pcs was requested to made.
Forehead bone of a fresh young woman corpse.
This Spirit Panneng has the superb power bringing great love, great charm and great luck to the her worshiper.
This Panneng has only a piece that AJ Poo Sariang created and blessed by himself.
In the front of the amulet has the image of Nang Kruan that has the great power about charm and love.
On the back has the holy characters.
AJ also inscribed the holy characters around the amulet by his hand that make the amulet to be very sacred.
在护身符的前面有魅力和爱 Nang Kruan 的图象。
在后面上有AJ Poo 圣洁字符。