Monday, 29 June 2009

AJ Poo Sariang - In Koo Mahasaney with nmp oil locket

Locket In Koo Maha Saney with spirit oil –

bringing the great love, sex appeal and luck to worshiper.

There are many holy masses for making this charming amulet, many top khmer holy powder, Tukkut MahaSaney, bone and a bottle of spirit oil.

Using with the blood of Khmer ancient that can make someone fall in love with each others.
The power of miracle object in this set is similar to spell Saney.
But the most important is there is no harm because you worship it, it will send good result.
AJ Poo Sariang used to build the miracle objects for the relatives who admire in the miracle objects in Mahasaney, you put it on for increasing your charm and help you in any love account or duty for a great success.

Om Prasitthi Pen Nuea Pen En Pa Ti Se Wa Mi Na Do Lao Na Do Lo Nari Chop Na Look Na Thim Hi Hu Ru Hu Ru Kan Ha Ne Ha.

有做的这迷人的护身符,许多许多圣洁大量冠上高棉圣洁粉末、Tukkut MahaSaney,骨头和一个瓶尸体油。
AJ Poo被用于建立奇迹为在Mahasaney的奇迹对象敬佩的亲戚反对,您投入了它增加的您的魅力并且帮助您巨大成功的所有爱帐户或义务的。