Sunday, June 28, 2009

AJ Waroot 亞赞屈碌 - ( Batch 1 / Roon 1 ) Namman Prai Pom

Great Strong Spirits Stuffs

Namman Prai Pom with 1 silver takkut & hairs
Strong Niyom
2 spirits oil with hairs
Roon 1 = early 2009 ( 1st batch )

Total 20 bottles were made.
Siam Barang total received 12bots
Golden opportunity to own a strong spirits oil.

This Namman is purely condensed from the bodies of two women who die in accident.

1. Hairs of the first dead woman and

2. Belly fat, chin and breasts oil from the second dead woman.
This charming oil is especially powerful securing
good fortune in business affairs,
love to the owner and great love from opposite sex,
also grant wishes & protection to her worshipers.

Effective ways to use:
1. Worship this charm oil with cooked rice and boiled egg with Katha
(every monk day "Thursday" if possible)
2. You can ask this spirit oil to make your lover or someone you to miss or for in love you with Katha.

3. You can apply at your eye-brow or just carry it around not below that hips area.
1. This is an incantation for offer the offering to Namman PraiPom
(use when you offer food or drink.)

2. This is an incantation for call Phi Prai
(use when you want spirit to go with you anywhere.):

3. This is an incantation for using Phi Prai
(use when you want her to help you do somethings.):

Warning, pls noted
Restricted to -
Don't place / offer this spirits with any Buddha / Gods amulets, bucha or other spirits.