Saturday, August 22, 2009

Web News French Perfume mix with corpse oil

The new bulletin on December 24 reported that reported according to
"the Jinling Evening news",
Xiangxielishe, the Roman delicate fragrance, scratches the body, but has had the fatal attraction ......
The French perfume is how many female dreamlands elects certainly, but actually let the innumerable beautiful women beautiful face change colors yesterday in a network insane biography's news:
Yesterday, some cosmetics forum insolation material, in French perfume's one special ingredient to make public, was person's corpse oil unexpectedly!
Reporter in the insolation material placard saw that the insolation material said that, the French perfume has been very for many years mystical, specially formula highly keeps secret, but the near future, will have the mystical public figure to act according to the perfume the special taste source to withdraw from the animal fat launches the research, said that discovery astonishing conclusion, one kind of very special taste source will be unexpectedly withdraws from person's corpse oil.
French perfume and corpse oil, actually truth why?
Yesterday, Reporter interview nation Xin spice standardization technical committee secretariat locus, Nanjing Wild plant Comprehensive utilization Research institute's Shi Jing loose associate research fellow, reveals behind the French perfume so-called “the corpse oil” truth.
The corpse oil starts the great unrest Company white-collar Xue Ming is the perfume supporter, is precisely the French perfume supports the wholesale absolutely.
The French perfume is symbolizing supreme noble and the personal status in her heart, therefore she cannot accept “the corpse oil” in any event a saying.
But to make public quotation similar theory proved that this is by no means an incredible joke: “in ancient Egypt and, the essence is only the offering which prepares for the God, but is very quick, produces these spice balm, uses in the corpse in the antiseptic treatment. Is the Egyptian person not only applies the spice in esthetics, but also applies in the medicine, and has invented the complex essence extraction method, from some flowers, but also has some to have in the fragrance leaf to refine the essence, for example the lily, the lotus, are the odor type which they most like.”
But this as if can explain, why these forever are sending out uniquely, did not know that from where comes the fragrance the French perfume, why can always let the human have the toxicant general enticement.
Therefore, the net friends discuss the French perfume in abundance the mystical fragrant source.
“if this is really, these hear happily, the formula extremely mystical perfumes, they are reliable”?