Tuesday, 18 August 2009

LP Noi - Namman Phrai Wan Parot Oil

Powerful Namman Phrai Wan Parot oil help success in everything that your wish.
There are many magical materials in these 2008 batch.
Which just taken from his temple,
LP Noi had took a long times which more than 3 years to collect all the magical masses required for the making.

The main materials (which is special) of Namman Wan Parot which have only in virgin forest (Deep Forest).
Phong Phut Nang Prai,
Bone of Phee Prai Tai Tong Glom,
oil from coconut
(which used to wash one's face of the spirit who died of a violent death),
violent death bodies
dead bodies,
and soil from 7 cemeteries.
LP Noi chant these charming oil follows the ancient Cambodia magic book.
LP Noi invited all spirits of many kinds of Nang Prais to this ceremony.

To activate:
Pray Katha 3 x and then dip oil on the body of your lovers, customers and boss.

This oil is help to you to control all the success which oil contact with another person.
LP Noi also used these oils to mix & made others charming amulets.

强有力的Namman Phrai Wan Parot 油帮助成功您的愿望。
LP Noi有采取了超过收集所有不可思议的大量制造,要求的很长时间。
Namman仅有在原始森林的Wan Parot Phong Phut Nang Prai,
Phee Prai Tai,
椰子的油 (曾经洗涤死于非命尸体)
这些LP Noi的迷人油跟随古老柬埔寨魔书。
LP Noi邀请了许多的所有"Nang Prais"鬼魂/灵魂到这仪式。
祈祷Katha 3 x然后浸在您的恋人、顾客和上司的身体。
LP Noi也使用这些油混合做其他迷人的护身符。